Acoustic Overdrive


When you think "acoustic music", the sound of high-gain, overdriven amps probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But in the hands of innovative players like David Lindley, Ben Harper, and Xavier Rudd, acoustic instruments can be anything but safe. Using Seymour Duncan's Mag Mic, these players take acoustic sounds to the limit -- and beyond.

While the Mag Mic is terrific for all traditional forms of acoustic amplification, it can also help produce tones that are nothing short of scary. The Mag Mic, which is both a magnetic pickup and a condenser microphone, gives an unprecedented degree of control for your acoustic tone. Weissenborn-style lap steel players like Ben Harper create their edgy sounds by rolling off the Mag Mic's microphone signal and cranking up the magnetic pickup just to the point before feedback. There are individual volume controls for the magnetic pickup and the mic, so dialing in your perfect tone -- be it angelic or devious -- is fast and easy.

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David Lindley

"The Mag Mic is the best system available for Weissenborn, especially if you want to scare people."

Ben Harper

"The pickup is consistent from venue to venue and holds all its sonic qualities at high or low volume. In the studio when you blend the mic with the magnetic pickup it challenges any expensive microphone as far as tone."

Xavier Rudd

"I have been using Mag Mics in some of my Weissenborns for quite a few years now. I have definitely been stoked with what they provide. I am mainly impressed with what they offer for clean tone. For a magnetic pickup they give a nice clean balanced tone with great bass response. For what I am doing I don't use the mic part; we keep that mostly out because there's a nice enough tone coming from the mag. Mag Mics respond really well to being driven hard through amps as well. They don't seem to squeal much or take off, and they give a fat beefy punch. Deadly pickups for sure!"