Akira Takasaki Demo at Seymour Duncan Booth at NAMM 2016 on

Akira Takasaki Demo at Seymour Duncan Booth at NAMM 2016 on

  • 07/27
  • 07/27 Praha Czech Republic
  • 08/05 Ostrava-Vítkovice Czech Republic
  • 10/14 埼玉県さいたま市中央区新都心8 Japan
  • 07/27 Brande-Hörnerkirchen Germany
  • 08/03 Rejmyre Sweden
  • 08/25 Ripollet Spain

Akira's Bio

In May of 1981, Munetaka Higuchi (ds) and Akira Takasaki (g) from LAZY decided to form their own band to pursuit their favorite music style.  Minoru Niihara (Vo), a former member of EARTHSHAKER, became the original lead singer of LOUDNESS after auditions. Masayoshi Yamashita (b), an old friend with Takasaki, was also selected after a few auditions. “LOUDNESS” started recording their first album from August 1981.  The first album “THE BIRTHDAY EVE” was released in November, which left a vivid impression among Japanese hard rock musicians.   Takasaki’s arming recorded in the opening of “THE BIRTHDAY EVE” was the trigger to change the Japanese rock music style. In December, the debut concert was held in Asakusa International Theater. As oppose to people’s opinion that hard rock reduced their presence in the Japanese music scene, 2,700 tickets were sold out, and LOUDNESS showed exclusive performance for them.  After the debut, LOUDNESS released their second album “DEVIL SOLDIER” in July 1982 and the third one “THE LAW OF DEVIL’S LAND” in January 1983. An American engineer Daniel McLendon was hired for those two albums because band members had a thought that Japanese engineer wouldn’t be able to record great heavy metal sounds. By this time, the sound quality and technique of LOUDNESS had already become exclusive ones as a “Japanese band.”  As a Japanese heavy metal band, LOUDNESS was the only one who embarked the first U.S. tour in July of 1983 followed by the tour in Europe. 

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