Eliza's Bio

Grammy Award nominee and Austin-based singer/songwriter Eliza Gilkyson grew up in Los Angeles, the daughter of successful songwriter Terry Gilkyson. Her rather musical upbringing included demos that Eliza recorded of her father’s work, as well as other musical ventures. She moved to New Mexico in the late 1960s, where she began performing and touring regionally with the Ark Band. She later moved to Europe to work with composer Andreas Vollenweider. Returning to the States in the late 1990s, Gilkyson began releasing a series of critically acclaimed solo albums. She also started her own label (Realiza Records) in 1999. A year later, she released an album on Red House Records, for whom she’s recorded ever since. In all, Gilkyson has released 14 CDs, including her contributions to CDs paying tribute to Bob Dylan and labelmate Greg Brown, and toured extensively. She was inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame in 2003.