The Ready Set Guitarist Deryck Stanek Brings A Whole Lotta Rock to Pop With Seymour Duncan

Beckoning guitarist, producer and all-around musical hybrid Deryck Stanek was born in Omaha, Nebraska. From his parent’s basement, he launched the band Go Crash Audio whom, within six years, would go from clueless musicians to performing alongside artists like Kevin Rudolf, Fall Out Boy & LFO. Deryck soon went on to pursue many other projects, including the production of EP’s for Kid Contagious, Rochester and others. It […] Continue Reading

Just in time for Halloween – The Boo Bucker is back!

Your choice of a pickup wound by the legendary Maricela “MJ” Juarez of Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. To complete the spooky Halloween look, MJ dyed the bobbins orange and incorporated a jet black “Seymour Duncan” logo. For purchasing information, please contact Continue Reading

Voices of Metal – Katatonia

The year was 1991, when two teenagers named Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse decided to have a go at the extreme metal scene. Death metal was at its peak and although they were comfortable with that style they felt an urge to incorporate something more beyond just the brutal aspect. They searched for the elements that spoke to them to give their sound a uniqueness, brutality, […] Continue Reading

P-90 Inside A Humbucker: The Phat Cat

The Phat Cat is a real P-90 inside a humbucker and lives up to its name with a fat P-90 tone with lots of sustain and a great mix of brightness, smoothness and the spank of a single-coil. The Phat Cat is available in gold or nickel and in bridge and neck versions and you can even get hum-canceling in the in-between positions.   Check out […] Continue Reading

As the Guitarist for Racer X to ASIA – Bruce Bouillet turns to Seymour Duncan for smooth and even tone

Bruce Bouillet, guitarist from the underground shred metal band Racer X, has played with Paul Gilbert on record and on stage, scored his own record deals with The Scream, and Epidemic. He has performed around the world, including a US and Canadian run on the infamous G3 tour with Joe Satriani. Aside from performing live, he has produced, recorded, and mixed, on six gold albums, and a […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Welcomes new artists for September!

We would like to welcome the following artists to the Seymour Duncan family of players seeking perfect tone. Andy Roberts (guitar) for 3Boxes   Conducting From the Grave: John Abernathy (guitar), Jeff Morgan (guitar), & Jackson Jordan (bass) New album “Revenants” out now Johnny Hawthorn (guitar): Toad the Wet Sproket, Everclear, Johnny Hawthorn Band Chase Fraser (guitar): Decrepit Birth Johnny DeMarco (guitar)     […] Continue Reading

Nightrage rocks St. Petersburg as part of Frets of Fury

Evan and I recently travelled to Florida to visit the Frets of Fury tour. One band of particular interest to us was Nightrage. Marios Iliopoulos started Nightrage with Gus G. and they are now touring with Gus’s band Firewind. This is the story of our time with guitarists Bill Hudson and Marios Iliopoulos of Nightrage. We arrived at the airport at 5:00 A.M. gleary eyed and with […] Continue Reading

Voices of Metal – Candlemass

Voices of Metal is a new series dedicated to finding the best of Metal. We scour the earth looking for the most intense bands and then we get to the bottom of their story, how they get their sound and what inspires their playing styles. If you’re looking to discover how some of the worlds heaviest metal bands get their tone, you have come to the […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Blackouts on Youtube

Seymour Duncan Blackouts are highly regarded among those who need a tone that screams “end of the world”. We searched through YouTube to hear how some of our players were enjoying their Blackouts. Some feature the deep shredding distortion that is synonymous with Blackouts, while others showcase the enormous clean tone that can also be obtained using Blackouts. Check it out and if you have your […] Continue Reading

Whether writing for a music magazine, lecturing, or performing live, Ravi’s strive for perfection leads him to Seymour Duncan for his guitars.

Ravi is a singer/songwriter who shot to worldwide fame at a young age as the guitarist for the ’90’s band Hanson, playing guitar in front of millions of screaming teenage fans in scenes reminiscent of “Beatlemania.” Hanson’s triple Grammy nominated chart-topping songs catapulted the band into the music stratosphere, taking Ravi to stages at the White House, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Today Show, […] Continue Reading