All About the Seymour Duncan 35 Limited Edition Guitar

What would be better: winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or winning a builder’s proof of the Seymour Duncan 35 Limited Edition Guitar? To help you answer this question, Seymour Duncan’s Frank Falbo offers a grand tour of the masterfully crafted Seymour Duncan 35, from the Zehpyr Silver pickups to the 35,000-year-old mastodon ivory nut. Check out the video to find out more! […] Continue Reading

NAMM Day 4: Lita Ford, Ratt's Warren DeMartini, booth shenanigans with the SD staff, and more…

The last day of 2011 NAMM was as busy as ever, with lots of people stopping by to ask about the Liberator, learn about Zephyr Silver premium pickups, and get autographs with Lita Ford and Ratt guitarist Warren Demartini. Bill Kelliher of Mastodon checks out some Seymour Duncan stompboxes. Willie Basse and Swirl guitarist DT Jones with Seymour Duncan Custom Shop manager Maricela “MJ” Juarez. Don […] Continue Reading

NAMM Day 3: Artists Galore!

It was another exciting day here at the Seymour Duncan NAMM booth. We had a terrific turnout today with lots of musicians stopping by to hobnob with fans and get a close look at the Seymour Duncan 35 guitar. Guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen signing at the Seymour Duncan. George Lynch of Lynch Mob and Alex Skolnick of Testament ready to rock. Drowning Pool’s C.J. Pierce and […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Stories 1: Brandino, ESP's Mr. Shibuya, Lonestar, and more…

People often come up and tell us about how much Seymour Duncan means to them or  talk about their first significant pickup revelation. We often wish we had a camera rolling. So, to help kick off our 35th Anniversary year, we’re capturing videos of Seymour Duncan Stories, beginning at NAMM 2011. Here’s bassist Kevin “Brandino” Brandon, talking about his encounter with Seymour in 1975. For more […] Continue Reading

NAMM DAY 2 – Slipknot’s Mick Thomson, Bootsy Collins, Seymour W. Duncan, Bachman & Turner’s Randy Bachman, El Tri’s Alex Lora, and more!

NAMM DAY 2 – We had an exciting day of appearances, autographs, jam sessions, product demos, and more!  Check out our photos with appearances from: Seymour W. Duncan, Mick Thomson, Tim Mahoney, Bootsy Collins, Randy Buchman, Steve Bailey, Alex Lora, Cesar Lopez, and Luis Miguel. Slipknot’s Mick Thomson with Seymour: Two monstrous giants of tone! Our Latin artist panel: Fidel Arreygue, Alex Lora (El Tri), Cesar […] Continue Reading

NAMM: The Seymour Duncan Booth DAY 1

Our NAMM booth this year was built to commemorate Seymour Duncan’s 35th Anniversary!  We brought back the feel of the classic era of Rock n’ Roll to NAMM.  The booth includes old photos of Seymour W. Duncan with classic artists like: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and Yngwie Malmsteen and a photo of Seymour and Cathy in 1976.  If you are here at NAMM, come visit us […] Continue Reading

The Story Behind the JB & Jazz Concept + Zephyr Silver Pickups in the Seymour Duncan 35

The Seymour Duncan 35–the limited edition guitar inspired by Seymour’s “TeleGib” and the company’s 35th Anniversary–comes with two sets of very special pickups: The recreation of the original “TeleGib” pickups, known as the Custom Shop JB/Jazz Concept Set, and a modern exotic set of Seymour Duncan Zephyr™ Silver premium pickups. Seymour Duncan’s new Custom Shop JB & Jazz “Concept” Humbuckers are installed in the guitar. The […] Continue Reading


WIN! THE SEYMOUR DUNCAN 35 LIMITED EDITION GUITAR The Seymour Duncan 35 is a precision-crafted instrument inspired by Seymour’s personal guitar, a refinement of the celebrated instrument, affectionately known as the “TeleGib,” which he built for Jeff Beck while living in London in the early 1970s. Production of the Seymour Duncan 35 is strictly limited to 35 numbered pieces. The prize winner will win an unnumbered […] Continue Reading

Balancing Pickups With Different Outputs

By Brandon Ficquette, Seymour Duncan Customer Support A while back, Frank Falbo posted a great tip about adjusting your pickup height to fine-tune your output and sound. But what about balancing the output of more than one pickup? You can do this the same way–using the pickup height adjustment screws. Start by adjusting the bridge pickup first. The closer you get to the bridge, the less […] Continue Reading

Happy Holidays from Seymour Duncan!

It was the night before Xmas, two days from the gig. My new band had told me “Your tone we don’t dig!” My old Strat hummed like a tree full of bees. My once sparkling Tele now sounded like cheese! The gutted Les Paul was borderline junk. My SG wasn’t worthy, even for punk… “Maybe it’s time to give them a smash, Run them all over […] Continue Reading