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Schecter Releases The KM-6

Schecter has just announced the launch of the Keith Merrow KM-6 signature 6-string guitar. Based on the design of the highly lauded KM-7 it sticks with the same simple look and annihilating tone that has made it highly desired and recommended … Continue reading

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The Pickup Booster


The Pickup Booster is everything a Booster should be but also contains some innovative features that interact directly with your pickups to allow you to explore new sounds. It provides you a way to boost your signal, adding headroom and sustain to your pickups or … Continue reading

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How Loud Is Too Loud?


If you’ve ever been to a Motörhead concert you know what it means to be assaulted with so much sound you feel like you may very well die. And chances are you’ve played a show before where you were asked to turn down so low that it felt like you might as well be playing a retirement home. Finding that sweet spot where everyone is getting really into it without requiring ear plugs or running for the door is the goal of every musician. So how loud is too loud? Continue reading

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Joe Bonamassa: The Collection

Joe Bonamassa Gibson Guitars(1)

Chances are you already spend so much money on guitars and gear that each time the credit card bill comes you have to snatch it before your wife sees that new guitar you bought or finds that 5150 you just couldn’t pass up on Craigslist. If this is you, then you have something in common with Joe Bonamassa. Continue reading

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Best Guitar Pickups For Epiphone


Epiphone is well loved by many for their semi-hollow bodies, their range of selection and affordable prices. You may be ready to pull the trigger your first Les Paul style guitar but your credit card may refuse such a purchase – an Epiphone LP is a good alternative. Continue reading

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Preventing Disaster: Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis And Hearing Loss

Dr Spaceman

Many musicians have had their careers cut short – or life just made more miserable – by being plagued by two of the most common ailments for a long-time musician: Tendonitis and Hearing Loss. In this article we are going to look at these two common ailments, how to prevent them and lessen the impacts of the symptoms. Continue reading

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Hello, NYC Bass Pickups


The NYC Bass pickups are the same thing that we’ve been making for some of the world’s finest handcrafted basses. They each use a dual coil J-type pickup design with a double row of Alnico Pole pieces. The resulting pickups … Continue reading

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Introducing The 805 Overdrive

805 Overdrive Guitar Pedal

The 805 Overdrive pedal was designed by asking ourselves a simple question: What would our ideal overdrive pedal be like? Continue reading

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Seymour Duncan Musician Scholarships


Part of what we believe in is supporting musicians and those who have a deep desire to learn and constantly develop as a musician. That’s why we have teamed up to offer several scholarships at Musicians Institute. If you think … Continue reading

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Jason Becker: The Interview


In 1987, Jason Becker was one of the fastest rising stars of the world of guitarists. Having joined Cacophony with Marty Friedman at just the age of 16 and played on Speed Metal Symphony and Go Off, his skills were … Continue reading

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