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6-String Nazgûl, Sentient and Pegasus Now Available


You no longer need a 7 or 8 string guitar to get the punch you in the chest ruthlessness of the Nazgûl or the enhanced dynamics and string separation of the Pegasus. As of today these pickups are now shipping … Continue reading

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Quarter Pound Jazz and P-J Sets Now Available

P-J Bass Pickups

The Quarter Pound bass pickups provide a sonically full voice with a hold on to your hats high-output punch. Each strike of the string provides a full low end bite with plenty of sustain. They’ve provided their unique punch for … Continue reading

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Black Winter 7/8 String Now Available

The Black Winter was originally created for the extreme metal players of Scandinavia who were looking for more aggression without sacrificing definition and clarity. They give you a tightness with plenty of mids and clear highs for articulation and underlying saturation – perfect for many forms of metal. Continue reading

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The Jason Becker Perpetual Burn Humbucker

After more than 20 years since he first worked with the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, Jason Becker reached out to Duncan to once again talk pickups, and the result is the Jason Becker Perpetual Burn  Humbucker. But to explain how … Continue reading

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The Dimebag Signature Set

Dimebag Neck Bridge Pickup Pantera Damageplan

At the time Dime came to us in 2000 he had already been using the ’59 neck pickup for years. In the bridge he had been using the XXL-500 but still felt something was missing. We worked with him to … Continue reading

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Greatest Music Videos Of All Time


There was a time directly preceding the age of the Internet where the music video was just as important of an expression of creativity as the song itself. In many cases a good music video could cause a good song to become a hit thanks to avenues like MTV which would then put it into heavy rotation. Continue reading

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The Best Guitar Neck Pickups (Humbucker Edition)


Seymour Duncan has a wide variety of neck pickups to help you find that perfect match. There are many things to consider when you’re looking for a a neck pickup. First up is the wood of the guitar – do you have a bright guitar like alder and want to warm and fatten it up, or do you have a warmer guitar and want to make take it out of the darkness and give it some crunch and bite? Continue reading

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Working At Seymour Duncan


Many people often ask how what it’s like to work at Seymour Duncan. The first major perk is that unlike some companies that are located where the labor is cheapest, Seymour Duncan is located right where it started in Santa … Continue reading

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Audio File Types And Bitrates


So you’ve spent countless late nights recording guitar parts and drowning in the strongest coffee to release some killer new tracks, and then after finally coming upon the finished format you’re faced with the decision as to what file format and bitrate to use when you present your music to the world. Continue reading

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Washburn Announces Ola Englund Signature Series


Ola Englund is a dangerous man in the hands of a capable axe. And by teaming up with Washburn he has focused his sights on creating a guitar that can satisfy the needs of many metal guitarists. This guy knows … Continue reading

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