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Gigging In The Ancient World


While modern ‘electrified’ bands as we know them have only been around for about 80 years, musicians have been entertaining crowds for at least 6,000 years. The first known musical instrument was a simple wood flute that goes all the … Continue reading

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LAG Guitars Roxanne Racing Guitar Series


LAG Guitars has recently come out with a new line of electric guitars based on hot-rodded vintage concepts in both aesthetics and tone. Built in France, the new Roxanne Racing line comes in two models, each of which is offered … Continue reading

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Introducing The Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal

dirty_deed001_1 (1)

The Dirty Deed is the result of several years of engineering and testing to create a pedal that could provide a natural organic sounding distortion and have tons of versatility. Whether you are playing your favorite classic rock songs or … Continue reading

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Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne’s Custom Tele

When Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne wanted a Tele that could get humbucker and single-coil sounds he went with Old School Guitar Repair Restoration and Lutherie, a company that literally works from an old school.

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Pickups for Drop-Tuning


Drop tuning involves dropping the strings down pitches to explore a whole different tonal shape and be able to do things like easily fret across strings with a single finger. This also includes alternate tunings which may in part or … Continue reading

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Knaggs Guitar Giveaway


Seymour Duncan has teamed up with Knaggs Guitars, Maryland’s Boutique Guitar maker, to give away a special Knaggs Chesapeake Series ‘Severn Tier 1′ Trem in Aged Scotch. This instrument is one of Knaggs’ finest guitars, featuring a double-cutaway beveled Alder body with Sapele … Continue reading

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Acoustic Woody Pickup Now Available in Black or Walnut


The Woody is an affordable acoustic pickup that provides a rich and warm tone and can be dropped right into the soundhole of your acoustic. Over the years we’ve heard from acoustic players who wanted a version that would blend … Continue reading

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Andy LaRocque of King Diamond: Gear, Recording and Touring


Since the very beginning Andy LaRocque has been a defining part of King Diamond. His solos are melodic, full of harmony and include full use of the whammy bar. When a song comes on that he has played on you … Continue reading

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The Black Winter


The winters in Scandinavia are dark, just like the metal that comes out of that part of the world. And sometimes, in capturing a tone suitable for such blackness, guitarists need something with even more grime and aggression; the right … Continue reading

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Differences In Guitar Pickup Magnets


There are a lot of components that go into shaping the character of a pickup’s sound. Everything from the gauge of the wire, the amount of turns, the pitch of the winding, whether it’s wax potted and one of the … Continue reading

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