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Talking Tone With Dimebag Darrell’s Tech Grady Champion

Grady Champion was Dimebag Darrell’s guitar tech for 13 years, and he was by Dime’s side as he found and continued to refine his tone, from Pantera through to Damageplan, across countless gigs on stages all over the world. Towards the end of his life Dime had been using his signature Seymour Duncan Dimebucker pickup, but Grady tells us that Dime was also a fan of the ’59 Model, using the bridge version of the ’59 in the neck position of his guitars. Grady is currently teching for Incubus, and he took time out to have a chat about how pickups fit into Dime’s tone and what it was like to work with one of the most unforgettable metal guitarists ever. Continue reading

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Five Questions With Jerry Donahue


Jerry Donahue has had quite the career. Playing with folk rock bands such as Fotheringay and Fairport Convention, and working with artists like Robert Plant, Joan Armatrading, The Proclaimers, Elton John, George Harrison, Hank Marvin, Cliff Richard, and Roy Orbison just to name a few. Add The Hellecasters to the mix and you’ve got one very impressive catalog of work. His preference of the Telecaster shape, and his mastery of string bends has helped give him the title “Bendmaster of the Telecaster.” Continue reading

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Five Questions with Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett has had quite the music career. From California punkers No Use For A Name to punk rock super-group Me First and the Gimme Gimmes to hitting the big time as a member of the Foo Fighters and now experimenting with country music as Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants, Chris has not been afraid to branch out in different musical directions. Continue reading

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Adrian Galysh: The Tone Poet

Adrian Galysh is a name heard quite frequently around Los Angeles, as a busy studio player and sideman with Uli Jon Roth. He’s also beginning to develop a substantial internet presence via Facebook and YouTube, and you’ve probably seen his signature spalted Maple-topped Brian Moore guitar show up in your Twitter feed if you follow any of the “guitar money shot” feeds. Continue reading

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dUg Pinnick On New Band KXM

The concept of a “Supergroup” with notable exceptions, usually sounds better in theory than in practice. All-star line-ups convene with all the makings of greatness that due to egos or whatever never quite lives up to expectations. However, when the players are George Lynch and Dug Pinnick with drummer extraordinaire Ray Luzier, you’ve got a notable exception indeed. Continue reading

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Talking Bass With Duff McKagan

Duff McKagan is a bass legend, alright? If all he ever recorded was Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” he would go down in the history books: Slash’s introductory guitar riff is of course great but it wouldn’t have quite the impact that it does if not for Duff’s weaving lines before the song kicks into full gear. But Duff is much more than that. Continue reading

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Winter NAMM Show & Artist Performances

If you’re heading to Anaheim, California for the Winter NAMM Show this year you’ll find us at Hall B in Booth 5661 with plenty of new exciting products for you to check out. And if you can’t be there we’ll … Continue reading

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Watch The New Gus G Video Now!

Gus G. will release his debut solo album I Am The Fire in March, but you don’t have to wait until then to hear what Gus has got in store for us: he’s just released a video for the opening track, “My Will Be Done,” featuring Mats Levén [Clandesmass, Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen/Therion], which you can check out right here! Continue reading

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Five Questions with Nine Inch Nails’ Robin Finck

Nine Inch Nails recently released their long awaited album Hesitation Marks, and are currently touring North America with their Tension 2013 show. After this they will be teaming up with Queens Of The Stone Age in 2014 for a double assault on Australia and New Zealand. With the tour in full swing I thought it would be good to ask Seymour Duncan artist and longtime Nine Inch Nails collaborator Robin Finck a few questions about him, his gear, touring with Nine Inch Nails, and of course pickups! Continue reading

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Warbringer On Making ‘IV: Empires Collapse’


We had the chance to catch up with Warbringer to chat about the experience of making their fourth album, IV: Empires Collapse, and some of the creative decisions with composition, gear selection and the process of making a studio album … Continue reading

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