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Chatting With Carrie Underwood Guitarist Jimmy Herman

Those are just a few of the words that help define the man. You may know him best as Carrie Underwood’s guitarist, but he has also shared the stage with Keith Urban, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, and Brad Paisley, just to name a few. I had the opportunity and honor of asking Jimmy about guitars and guitar playing, and one thing is certain: his passion for what he does is infectious. Continue reading

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My Favorite Archive Releases of 2014


People here at Seymour Duncan are not just obsessive about tone, but also about music itself. After all, you have to love music to be able to make tools to make it. But the good thing is that everyone’s tastes are different. Continue reading

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Talking Tone With Jon Skibic of The Afghan Whigs

For 15 years the Afghan Whigs contributed their brand of darkly-themed alt rock to the music scene. After a 13 year hiatus they have returned with a bang, a new album and Jon Skibic on guitar. Jon has a long history on the music circuit playing with the likes of Rock of Ages and Twilight Singers with Greg Dulli. Continue reading

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Great Expectations: An Interview With Hunter Hayes’ Guitarist Devin Malone

Photo courtesy of Devin Malone Music

Devin Malone’s phrasing, solos, and melodic emotion have weaved their way into the fabric of songs by Keith Urban and most recently, country star Hunter Hayes. Continue reading

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Interview with Simple Plan’s Sebastien Lefebvre

Simple Plan's Sebastien Lefebvre

The platinum-selling, “new-punk” stylings of Simple Plan first made their appearance on the music scene in 1999. The band played the Warped Tour and never looked back. Continue reading

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Voices of Metal: Windhand

Photo By Christiaan Westgeest

Windhand erupted into the world several years ago with their dark melodic and deeply crushing guitar sounds with distant vocals. Their self-titled EP made them well recognized in the Stoner/Doom Metal scene but their ability to infuse other styles also has earned them many fans. Continue reading

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An Audience With Rob ‘Chappers’ Chapman

Rob playing with his band Dorje.

One of my personal highlights of the NAMM show back in January was the Chapman Guitars stand. Rob Chapman is very well known in the UK as a guitarist for two reasons: his involvement in various bands – currently the excellent Dorje – and his superb gear demonstrations and reviews on YouTube. Continue reading

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Joe Bonamassa: The Collection

Joe Bonamassa Gibson Guitars(1)

Chances are you already spend so much money on guitars and gear that each time the credit card bill comes you have to snatch it before your wife sees that new guitar you bought or finds that 5150 you just couldn’t pass up on Craigslist. If this is you, then you have something in common with Joe Bonamassa. Continue reading

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Talking Tone With Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen

There aren’t many players who can say they’ve spearheaded an entire genre, but Yngwie J Malmsteen is among this esteemed few. Yngwie synthesised the worlds of classical melodicism and heavy rock energy in ways that had only been hinted at before, and in doing so he ignited a guitar revolution. With Yngwie currently on the road for his Guitar Gods tour with fellow virtuosi Bumblefoot and Gary Hoey, we caught up with the maestro to talk tone. Continue reading

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Talking Tone With Novembers Doom’s Larry Roberts

Larry Roberts Novembers Doom Black Winter pickups

Chicago death/doom pioneers Novembers Doom have been at it for over two decades now, and they’ve seen many imitators come and go. And yet in all that time they’ve never been content to merely sit back and enjoy their status as co-authors of the genre; as new album Bled White will demonstrate, they continue to push forward into new territory while retaining their essential brutality and atmosphere. We caught up with guitarist Larry Roberts on the eve of the band’s European tour and the release of the album to talk doom. Continue reading

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