Seymour Duncan LIVE


Assembling a Road-Ready Pedalboard

If you do any amount of gigging as a professional, semi-professional or hobbyist guitarist, be it in a cover band situation or an original group, ideally you'd like to be able to reproduce the recorded guitar tones of the tunes you're playing as closely as possible. But if your gig involves traveling, and you don't have a tech or a production-sized budget, you don't want to be dealing with plugging a zillion cables into half-a-dozen pedals before every gig, so constructing a pedal board might be the best way to go. Continue Reading

Live from the Custom Shop

Join us tomorrow (2/22/12) at 11am PST for a live feed with Seymour Duncan and Maricela Juarez in the Custom Shop. Tweet us your questions and get the answers live on the air. Watch here Continue Reading