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Cage Match: Non-Master Volume vs. Master Volume Amps

The Boogie Mark I is one of the first amps to give up the gain at lower volumes.

Amplifiers have certainly come a long way. Actually, a lot of things have, if you check out the picture above. Notice how Son and Dad are playing a game the girls clearly can’t understand as they wash the dishes in the back, smiling at how much fun the boys are having. Try getting a picture like this past any modern marketing department now! Continue reading

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Going From A Stop Tailpiece To A Floating Bridge

The BC Rich Lita Ford Signature Warlock featuring a Kahler Hybrid Tremolo Unit

Here are some tips to help you overcome your fear/anxiety of floating bridges and get you on the fast track to guitar greatness. Continue reading

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The Sound of Synyster Gates

Floyd Rose + Invader = Carnage.

Synyster Gates along with his partner in guitar crime, Zacky Vengeance, burst out of Huntington Beach California and on to the metal scene with Avenged Sevenfold in 2001 with the release of “Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet” Known for their metalcore as well as their more jazz and prog-rock influences, Avenged’s music features intricate arrangement, duelling harmony guitars, and inventive arrangements. They’ve been featured on Ozzfest tours, won Revolver Golden God awards for the guitar playing, and Synyster has spawned his own gear and clothing line. The dude gets around. Continue reading

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Friends of SD: Halo Guitars


This article will showcase some of their production models, as well as their interactive Custom Shop, where you can virtually build the guitar of your dreams and save the picture on your desktop so you can stare at it longingly until it arrives. Continue reading

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Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings

After the recent great bass string comparison from Jon Moody, I thought it would be a good time to compare some of the string choices for acoustics. Let’s start with some basics. Continue reading

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Cage Match: Buying New vs. Buying Used


You know the deal. You can afford to buy that awesome piece of gear brand new, but you scour the interwebs looking for The Deal. The Deal might as well be unobtainium, especially after checking out Ebay, Craigslist,, and the big chains’ used inventory. We have all heard of that 60′s Fender under Grandfather’s bed that has been there for 50 years, but few have ever seen it. Rarer still is the little ol’ lady that ‘just wants it gone’ and will sell it to you for what the receipt in the case says (from 1964). This article will explain some pros and cons of buying new and buying used, and when you might consider one over the other. Continue reading

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Jackson Pro DK2M Dinky Limited Run Yellow Tiger

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.01.52 pm

Jackson has just added another guitar to its range of instruments with 80s-inspired finishes: the new Yellow Tiger. Continue reading

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ESP’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition Limited 2015 Collection

ESP celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2015, and they’ve unveiled the 40th Anniversary Exhibition Limited 2015 collection of very special guitars and basses designed to showcase the skills and creativity of their craftsmen and the quality of the materials they work with. Continue reading

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Changing the Tone of Your Wah Pedal


The wah pedal is a long-standing fixture on many pedalboards. The Cry Baby wah was the very first pedal I bought – and I still have it – but I’ve always preferred a “darker” tone in my wah sound. I find that when you “open up” the Cry Baby (toe down position), it’s too “pitchy.” Yes, I know, that’s not a word, but anyone who has run into the high-pitched squeals of an open Cry Baby wah knows exactly what I’m talking about. I could have replaced my wah pedal with something darker, but like many guitarists I didn’t want to spend $250 on another piece of gear. Correction: I wanted to spend the money on gear, but I can only hide so many guitar-related purchases a year, and adding another wah pedal seemed redundant. Continue reading

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What To Consider When Looking For New Guitar Pickups


Buying a pickup can be as easy as looking at a few videos, hearing a few sound clips, and getting a few recommendations from friends. But with pickup companies like Seymour Duncan making hundreds of different pickups, an educated consumer will be the happiest consumer. Continue reading

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