6-String Nazgûl, Sentient and Pegasus Now Available

nazgul-pegasusYou no longer need a 7 or 8 string guitar to get the punch you in the chest ruthlessness of the Nazgûl or the enhanced dynamics and string separation of the Pegasus. As of today these pickups are now shipping to stores in 6-string versions. The Nazgûl was developed for extreme metal players who required a massive and aggressive tone that still maintained plenty of articulation. The Pegasus was developed for prog and modern metal players who needed plenty of aggression but required enhanced dynamics, more harmonic richness and defined string separation so individual notes don’t get lost in the mix.

The perfect compliment to both these pickups is the Sentient neck pickup which is also now available in a 6-string version. It’s voiced to capture a blend of vintage PAF and modern tones with enough output to deliver harmonically rich distorted lead tones but subtle enough to give you deep, detailed cleans. Think of it as combining the best qualities of the ’59 Model and the Jazz: clarity, detail, depth, attack and expression.

Each pickup is handwound in our factory in Santa Barbara, California with a black bobbin, black screws and a black logo.

6-String tone specifications:

Pegasus: DCR – 12.5k, Res Peak – 5.18kHz

Nazgul: DCR – 13.6k, Res Peak – 4.75kHz

Sentient: DCR – 7.74k, Res Peak – 6.53kHz

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  • Aditya

    How are these pickups for other genres of music like punk, blues… ?

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      The Pegasus has quite a bit of versatility for other styles and the Sentient in particular is a good neck pickup match for many other styles, especially if you want something more articulate than a ’59 but not as bright as a Jazz.

      • Aditya

        Okay, so will the Nazgul support blues??

  • Mark W.

    How are these compared to the Distortion?

  • George Gigi Meller

    Still doing the style of demo that really doesn’t attribute anything to the pickup, I see.


  • Abraham

    Hello, I have a question …

    The Nazgul is a high outpu that Sentinel? .. Because I sought a high output humbucker for powerful riffs and a strong distortion

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      The Nazgul is a bridge humbucker so is definitely higher output. It’s made to be paired with a Sentient in the neck for versatility and more fluid/articulate tone.

  • James

    when will these be available?

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      They have already started shipping to music stores and online dealers, expect to see them very soon.

  • William Sats

    Sorry guys but with the distortion up to 11 i can’t hear any difference between your PUs.

    • http://www.myspace.com/davidschwab DavidRavenMoon

      Turn down the gain then. ;)

      • Darin Grebe

        David I think that the point was that in the demo vid,, the two pickups both sounded the same. It is hard to demo two different pickups with that much gain. High gain amps are great for teh bedroom, but need to be adjusted appropriately for live play….

        • http://www.myspace.com/davidschwab DavidRavenMoon

          Ah ok! I didn’t watch the video, but yes, I agree! High gain and lots of distortion is great for bedroom playing, but on stage or in the studio it turns into mush, and you won’t be heard.

          I used to play with another guitarist that set his amp clean and used pedals like the OCD, and you could not hear him no matter how loud he was. He got lost. I was using a crunchy tone from a Vox VT80+ and I cut through a loud grunge band with no problem.

    • Jarrett Lewis

      Idk, old man, I can hear the difference in this with a pair of headphones. Gain sounds like it’s around 4-5, maybe 6, but that’d be pushing it. Nazgul’s far more aggressive and gainy, Pegasus is brighter and more calm.

  • Jeffrey

    Even though I like this kind of music. I would like to see someone using these pickups for something a little less extreme to show off all the dynamics these puppies can do.

  • phfobric

    When are you going to make the SHRP’s in 7-8 string models? I’ve been asking a couple of years now. WHEN? My idea, you should send me one just to be good guys!

  • Donna

    This guy sux azz….what a fat slob too..

  • https://www.facebook.com/TeamCHOKE Sid

    There is some slight distinction/separation/presence in the higher freq’s that I noticed on the Pegasus. This quality may be more pronounced at higher volumes with a more tube-overdriven sound (which may end up in the gain having to be rolled down as well to keep it from falling apart) – but with that much gain it still held quite tight.

    The Pegasus might be better suited for a 2 guitar band, or where vol. roll-downs are used. I can see how it would give some sparkle.

    … Not sure what his body composition has to do with the review of these pickups… or his style or technique :-/

  • Chimo Munky

    When can we buy it? I’m still waiting the pegasus/sentient for 6 string

  • Igornopolis

    Bought the 6 Pegasus/Sentient set for my prs Tremonti for $170. A bit of a risk not having heard of any decent clips but its Duncan. Should be badass.

  • LOTR

    What pots are recommended with this combination. I would be replacing active EMGs currently on my LTD Viper baritone.

  • Aditya

    Is Pegasus a more high output pickup or nazgul? And how better are these both pickups in output as compared to a jb or a blackout?

  • Luther Beckett

    Chicks don’t like music like this. I like seeing women with my rock. I don’t mean soft shit either. Who is this for? Seriously?!?

  • Beleave

    How come the Nazgul 6 is only 13.6k? I tried it the other day and sounded like it had much higher output than that.

  • aiden

    is nazgul 6 strings passive or active pickup?

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      All Nazgul pickups are passive.

  • Oska

    Does this guy have no legs…

  • Salvatore Pisano

    Anyone know the dimensions of these?