Acoustic Woody Pickup Now Available in Black or Walnut

Posted on by Kat King

The Woody is an affordable acoustic pickup that provides a rich and warm tone and can be dropped right into the soundhole of your acoustic. Over the years we’ve heard from acoustic players who wanted a version that would blend with the color of their guitar and today we are happy to announce that you’ll be able to get the Woody in either Walnut or Black as well as the standard Maple.






There are three versions of the Woody, each which will be available in the new color options:

1) Woody SC SA-3SC

The Woody SC is easily fits in the soundhole of an acoustic and has a crisp and clear tone.


2) Woody HC SA-3HC

The Woody HC is a full hum-canceling acoustic pickup and captures the full warmth and richness of your acoustic. It’s double potted to reduce feedback and produces no 60-cycle hum.


3) The Woody SA-3XL

The top of the line of our Woody series the XL works to capture all the warmth, richness and articulation of your acoustic without any extra noise thanks to the Stack design. It also features adjustable pole pieces so you’ll easily be able to find a balance that is perfect for your ears.

Have you tried any of the Woody series acoustic pickups? If so, what did you think of the tone it captured?

Written on July 11, 2013, by Kat King

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  • Alderney Fred

    I also use my woody on my irish bouzouki – had to chamfer the ends of the pickup to get it to fit the smaller sound hole, but it works a treat !

  • fatcat5000

    I use a Woody XL with my Taylor. I like it a lot, it’s a good sounding pickup. I just wish the instrument cable on soundhole pickups was attached to the other side of the pickup so as to be well out of the way of your picking hand.