Introducing The Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal

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The Dirty Deed is the result of several years of engineering and testing to create a pedal that could provide a natural organic sounding distortion and have tons of versatility. Whether you are playing your favorite classic rock songs or needing some neighborhood shattering distortion the Dirty Deed can get you there. With highly responsive independent Level, Treble, Bass and Drive controls you can dial in your perfect distortion. With a turn of the gain knob you can go from the sparkling overdrive of your favorite classic rock songs to a rich, powerful hard rock distortion with amp-like saturation.

Unlike most distortion pedals that sound like a bottled mosquito, the Dirty Deed is very open and natural, capturing the tone of a classic overdriven amplifier, essentially becoming “channel two” of any clean amp. We used a pair of cross-connected MOSFETs for a rich, warm distortion and natural tonal character with amp-like touch sensitivity. Runs on standard 9v to 18v DC power supplies. At 18v the Dirty Deed enhances overall saturation and compression.

The distortion is thick and beefy with a sweet spot in the mid-range EQ and a strong bass response. The Dirty Deed is an analog, 100% true bypass pedal that is assembled and designed right in the heart of Seymour Duncan headquarters in Santa Barbara, California.

Order available below:

Squid Music


My Guitar Supply

Tunnel Vision

MacDaddy Music

Tricked Out Guitar

Blue Star Music

Pro Audio Land

Crazy Dave’s Music

The STRATosphere

PrymaxeVintage LLC


Other stores with availability:

All Music
The Mad Ape
Dans Guitars
Guitar Gallery/Canonsburg

Worldwide availability in about 1 week.

Thomann now has it in stock

Written on November 5, 2013, by Kat King

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