Seymour Duncan Releases The Vapor Trail Analog Delay

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Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay

The recently-released Dirty Deed Distortion pedal now has a playmate: the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail analog delay. The Vapor Trail is a true analog delay which uses Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) for that classic vintage analog delay sound: warm, full, lush and packed with vibe and musicality. And if it all began and ended there, the Vapor Trail would be a pretty fun pedal. But this little box has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

vapor trail modulation controlsFor starters there are a pair of modulation controls which let you take fine control over the Rate and Depth of the effect. These controls are mounted right on the top panel so you can easily adjust them onstage (which is part of the fun of an analog delay: messing with the controls until you summon whale songs and laser noises). Apply a little bit of delay and modulation to add a hint of dimension and richness, or go all-out crazy – the Vapor Trail can do everything from subtle to mind-bending. And all the points in between, of course. You can get between 15ms and 600ms of delay from the BBDs, which are supported by modern low-noise analog electronics: no microprocessors or digital signal processors.

But the fun doesn’t stop there: the Vapor Trail Analog Delay includes a TRS insert jack which allows you to add effects to the wet signal. For instance, send the wet delay sound through a flanger, chorus, or other type of effect while the original note remains unchanged. You can also use this jack to output a wet-only signal for parallel effect loops or multi-amp setups. Or for truly interactive onstage control, you can plug in any standard volume-type pedal, crank the Mix knob up to full, and vary the amount of wet signal from none to full-wet using the pedal. At maximum Wet setting, the first echo is actually 3dB louder than the dry signal, which can give you some very interesting effects.

vapor trail delay ledAnd because one of the challenges with analog delay is getting it to sync up to the tempo of the song, the Vapor Trail Analog Delay includes a translucent delay knob with a blue LED which flashes in time with your delay speed, giving you a visual indicator of your delay time.

We designed the Vapor Trail Analog Delay knowing that it’s going to be used and abused for years and years on the road, in the garage, in the studio and who-knows-where, so the knob placement is optimized for ease of use and it’s made of some very sturdy materials. We assemble each unit here at our Santa Barbara, California headquarters.

Written on February 26, 2014, by Peter

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  • Ty Gerhardt

    Groovy…I would love to hear this with more clean amp settings. : )

    • Mike_Mourning

      I’ve got a Roland JC-120 I can’t wait to hear it through that amp

  • Wes

    I run A Seymour Duncan twin tube pre amp with a Plexi Marshall head, this preamp has the smoothest breakup settings on any preamp I have ever listened to yet you can adjust to very heavy breakup if you want, that is why I like the Big Muff Pi, has a great smooth fuzz tone to it. But when you switch to cleans these pedals do not interfere with the amps clean settings so not sure why you would want to hear it clean settings because Seymour Duncan pedals do very well on clean amp settings.

  • John

    Just a question, as I know this is a great pedal, but how can it be Analog if a Bucket Brigade chip is being used?

    • Scott

      Chips can be analog or digital, the Bucket Brigade is an analog chip that uses capacitors.

  • Mike_Mourning

    When will it be available and where can I get it in Los Angeles?