The Acoustic Tube SA-1 Soundhole Pickup

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We all know the story: you have a gorgeous-sounding acoustic guitar and you need to perform with it onstage, but you don’t want to deal with the ‘quack factor’ of under-saddle piezo pickups, nor do you wish to be anchored to a mic or two. And you don’t want to perform an irreversible or otherwise destructive mod on your prized guitar.


The Acoustic Tube SA-1 is a simple passive magnetic sound hole pickup based on the hum-cancelling Stack® technology found in many of our single coil pickups for electric guitar. It’s housed in a lipstick-style casing with flexible mounting brackets either side which will fit any conventional acoustic guitar with a soundhole between 3.85″ and 4.10″, from parlor and auditorium to jumbo and dreadnought. And it can pop out just as easily should you wish to return your guitar to its original state or use the SA-1 in a different guitar.


There’s a volume control mounted to one end of the enclosure, and connection to your amp, PA, direct box or console is made by plugging any standard guitar cable into the female 1/4″ output jack.


Because the SA-1 is magnetic, it interacts with your guitar’s vibrational characteristics in the same kind of way that regular magnetic pickups for electric guitars do, with plenty of warmth and detail. And it’s completely passive, so no batteries are required.

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Written on August 27, 2012, by Peter

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  • Nathan Kyle Holbrook

    I love this so much <3 I got a really crudy Cherub that does a similar thing, but it wasnt worth the money. I can't WAIT to try this bad boy out 🙂

  • Gregory Penney

    Could you show a picture of what the plug in looks like when it’s plugged in?

  • Wile E. Coyote (Supergenius)

    absolutely love this pickup. I got a lemon the first time, and was getting volume swell, but my seller switched it out for me with no problem, and now I’ve got a lovely sound that SOUNDS like my acoustic guitar, and not like that electrified acoustic sound that lot’s folks seem to love (e.g. Dave Matthews’ Luther Hall)