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Guitar Hero: George Lynch


George Lynch came blazing onto the music scene in the late ’70s with the band Dokken. Songs like “Mr. Scary” inspired young people around the world to play guitar instead of taking a traditional job. Throughout the ’80s he was a lead guitarist for Dokken with a fret-burning and unique style of playing. In 1989 he formed Lynch Mob and went on to create more than a half dozen albums. Continue reading

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Talking Tone & Thrash Royalty With Monte Pittman


Monte Pittman is one of those guitarists that you can rely on to cover any musical situation you throw at them. Just look at his resume: from Prong to Madonna and Adam Lambert, Pittman has the chops, tone and professionalism to slip into a song with the right balance of musical authenticity and individual personality. In November 2012 he released M.P.3: The Power Of Three, Part 1. Continue reading

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Crimson Guitars Twin 45 RPM, A Closer View


When you want something new in your sound, you can buy a new pickup or pedal to shape the tone, or you can buy a brand new amp or simply replace the guitar. You establish a wish list, go to … Continue reading

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I Own My Own Tone: My First Custom Shop Pickup Order

Custom 59/Custom Hybrid front

When writing a recent blog about the Custom Shop, I thought it would only be right to go through the process of ordering my own pickup from the Custom Shop. After all, it is fine to describe what the Custom … Continue reading

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Own Your Tone: The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop

8 String Pickup

Seymour Duncan isn’t just about the hundreds of pickups you see in the shops and read about in the comparison charts.  If after all that research, you can’t find what you seek, it’s time for a call to the Custom … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son – Derek Duncan To Take Over Custom Shop


Like many engineers and machinists, Derek Duncan grew up with an intense curiosity for the mechanics of how things work… except Derek didn’t come from your average parents, but from the founders and owners of Seymour Duncan; Cathy Carter Duncan … Continue reading

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Seven-String Pickup Options


One thing 7-string players continually cite as an attraction to the extended range of the seven is that they can still play everything that they could play on a six-string guitar – as well as getting down into much lower musical territory. And that’s true of tone too: the sounds you get out of your six-string pickups are also available from 7-string versions. Many of our popular models are available in versions for 7-string players, and even if we don’t offer a production 7-string version of a six-string pickup you’ve just gotta have on your seven, the Custom Shop may be able to help! Continue reading

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Introducing the Fugly Bucker – An SD Forum Creation


If you’re a regular forum visitor you may already know that the Custom Shop will sometimes build a limited run of pickups just for forum members. Best of all, forum members get to participate in the design of them! Past pickups have included the medium output Brobucker, the Crazy Eight (SD’s first ever Alnico 8 pickup), and the StraBro90 (a Strat pickup wound to sound like a P90). This time out, MJ at the Custom Shop has graced us with the Fugly Bucker. No, I’m not joking. That’s it’s real name. Continue reading

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String Theory: What Is Top Wrapping?

Top wrapping

There’s a standard way of stringing a Les Paul or other stop tailpiece-equipped axe, and it works perfectly fine. And so it should! The darn things were designed to work that way! But there’s another method that some players swear by, often called ‘top wrapping.’ Continue reading

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