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My Extra-Customized Custom Shop IM1

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop makes a range of great pickups outside of the regular production Seymour Duncan line. They can also make custom designs for everyone. That’s right, they don’t just offer special one-offs to rock stars: you and I can have our own custom one-off designs made to order. Continue reading

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Single Coils From A Golden Era

P90 Staple Soap Bar

I used to love heavy metal. I still do, actually, but my taste has evolved to encompass more styles. The less gain I use, the cleaner and more subtle I want my pickup to be. In my search for more vintage-styled tones I stumbled on some older designs, some of which you see far too little nowadays! I want to talk a bit about my four favorite single coil designs – hopefully they’ll inspire you the way they inspired me! Continue reading

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Little Known Areas of the Seymour Duncan Website

He might know a thing or two.

We all know that most people end up on the Seymour Duncan website because they are looking for the best tone possible out of their guitar or bass. But there are many areas of the SD website you may not … Continue reading

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Joe Bonamassa’s Custom Shop Set


In 2011 Joe Bonamassa teamed up with Seymour Duncan to design a pickup set which he could install in other guitars so that he wouldn’t have to take his prized 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard on the road. The result is what we know today as the Joe Bonamassa Signature Set. Continue reading

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My Custom Shop Creation: The Magnetar


The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop can build anything you want, whether you’re a famous pro or simply a player who cares about their tone. They can build you a pickup based on an existing design or they can make you something completely from scratch. Continue reading

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New Perri Ink. Guitars With Own-Label Seymour Duncan Pickups

Perri Ink.

Perri Ink. – the company founded by guitarist Nick Perri of Silvertide – has introduced two new custom guitars, the South St and the Melrose. These instruments feature boldly different body styles to each other but they share a lot in common too: both feature quarter-sawn maple necks with reverse headstocks and rosewood fingerboards, solid alder bodies, vintage 6-hole tremolos, and a trio of Perri Ink. Label Seymour Duncan mini-humbucker pickups. Continue reading

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The Love Children of Warmoth and the Silver Zephyrs


Speaking is silver, silence is golden. A very old proverb and it might hold some truth in it, but when it comes to the new Seymour Duncan Silver Zephyr pickups, I can’t be silent. These pickups, launched in 2011, are … Continue reading

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Seymour Duncan’s Prodigal Sons: the SH-7 and the SH-9

If you were to take a close look at the lineup of pickups from Seymour Duncan, you might notice a numbering system for the humbuckers: SH-1 (’59), SH-2 (Jazz), SH-3 (Stag Mag), all the way up to SH-18. This nice line of sequential pickups gives you an indication how old a specific design is. For example, it’s pretty commonly known that the SH-2 Jazz and SH-4 JB were developed simultaneously. It doesn’t take much imagination to think that those first few pickups were designed and released in the same era, the late 1970s. But look again and you might notice two gaping holes in the lineup. The SH-7 and SH-9 are missing! Continue reading

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Guitar Hero: George Lynch


George Lynch came blazing onto the music scene in the late ’70s with the band Dokken. Songs like “Mr. Scary” inspired young people around the world to play guitar instead of taking a traditional job. Throughout the ’80s he was a lead guitarist for Dokken with a fret-burning and unique style of playing. In 1989 he formed Lynch Mob and went on to create more than a half dozen albums. Continue reading

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Talking Tone & Thrash Royalty With Monte Pittman


Monte Pittman is one of those guitarists that you can rely on to cover any musical situation you throw at them. Just look at his resume: from Prong to Madonna and Adam Lambert, Pittman has the chops, tone and professionalism to slip into a song with the right balance of musical authenticity and individual personality. In November 2012 he released M.P.3: The Power Of Three, Part 1. Continue reading

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