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What Does ‘Vintage’ Mean in Pickup Design?


In guitar circles, we hear the word vintage all the time. It has sold countless guitars, pedals, amps, and accessories. But what does this word really mean? And how can we reclaim a marketing buzzword from things that just look old, … Continue reading

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Seymour W. Duncan’s Interview With Seth Lover

Seymour W. Duncan and Seth Lover

In June 1978, Seymour W. Duncan visited Seth E. Lover – inventor of the Gibson ‘Patent Applied For’ humbucking pickups – at his home in Garden Grove, California. Here is that discussion for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

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The Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Model


The SH-55 Seth Lover model is Seymour Duncan’s tribute to the father of the humbucking pickup. Any guitar today that uses two coils in the same housing wired to get rid of the hum associated with single coil pickups owes … Continue reading

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Joe Bonamassa’s Custom Shop Set


In 2011 Joe Bonamassa teamed up with Seymour Duncan to design a pickup set which he could install in other guitars so that he wouldn’t have to take his prized 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard on the road. The result is what we know today as the Joe Bonamassa Signature Set. Continue reading

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What Is A Humbucker?


The humbucker pickup is a staple for so many guitar players around the world. But how does it actually work, and what is the history behind it? This article endeavors to give you a brief overview of all these things. Continue reading

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The Kramer Chronicles, Volume I: The ’59 Set


When I was a kid first starting out on guitar, there was no widespread “DIY” market to speak of. That was just beginning. You basically took what you could get at your local music store, and liked it. Unless you … Continue reading

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The Duncan Custom – Pumped Up and Pushed to 11


I want my bridge pickup to be able to cut through the mix. It needs to really crunch, have a percussive quality when playing muted parts, and have a fast response. The other thing is that I need the pickup to not be too hot, it needs to retain some organic qualities. I mostly aim for bridge pickups that are in the ball-park of medium to high output, where there is enough on tap to get some really heavy tones, but not so much that you lose that “woody” sound. Continue reading

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Charlie Christian: Guitar Hero and Pickup Name-Giver

Derek is considered a master when it comes to the more laborsome Charlie Christian Pickup.

The most unique pickup when it comes to name giving is perhaps, in my idea, the big single coil pickup that is now being linked to the unique and amazing Charlie Christian. Continue reading

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Introducing the Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Signature Pickup Set


The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop has teamed up with blues-rock virtuoso Joe Bonamassa to produce the Joe Bonamassa Signature Pickup Set. This immaculately crafted and calibrated dual-humbucker set accurately replicates the P.A.F. pickups in Joe’s beloved 1959 sunburst Les Paul®. … Continue reading

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