Making Your Solos Stand Out – part 2

This is the second part of my two-part article about the options we soloists have for being heard above the din when it's our time to shine. In the first part I covered some of the more tried-and-true methods for boosting a solo: the guitar volume, switching pickups, and using an overdrive, distortion, or compressor pedal. In this part, we will explore some of the more refined, "professional" options for making your solo stand out. Continue Reading

Eliminating 'Wolf Tones'

Throughout the evolution of the electric guitar, players have continually searched for more. More volume, more sustain, more gain, more tone. Some methods are better at achieving it than others, and some can actually hurt your sound if you’re not careful. Take for instance the pickup: early players knew that if they needed to balance out the volume from string to string, they could use the […] Continue Reading

Lance Harvill from Arms Of The Sun gets his crunch from Seymour Duncan

Lance Harvill is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Dallas, Texas. Aside from fronting vocals and guitar for the rock band, Arms Of The Sun. Lance writes music for television and film and his music can be heard on such shows as Pawn Stars, American Restoration, Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew, MTV’s True Life, and many more. Arms Of The Sun was formed in late 2009 when producer Terry […] Continue Reading