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The Sound of Synyster Gates

Floyd Rose + Invader = Carnage.

Synyster Gates along with his partner in guitar crime, Zacky Vengeance, burst out of Huntington Beach California and on to the metal scene with Avenged Sevenfold in 2001 with the release of “Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet” Known for their metalcore as well as their more jazz and prog-rock influences, Avenged’s music features intricate arrangement, duelling harmony guitars, and inventive arrangements. They’ve been featured on Ozzfest tours, won Revolver Golden God awards for the guitar playing, and Synyster has spawned his own gear and clothing line. The dude gets around. Continue reading

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What Is A Guitar Pickup?


If you’re reading this blog then chances are you play a guitar, and an electric guitar at that. Electric guitars use pickups as part of the recipe to create an amplified electric guitar tone, but what exactly is a pickup, and how does it help us “pick up” the sound of a guitar? Continue reading

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Pickups for Drop-Tuning


Drop tuning involves dropping the strings down pitches to explore a whole different tonal shape and be able to do things like easily fret across strings with a single finger. This also includes alternate tunings which may in part or … Continue reading

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The Metal Hammer That Is The Synyster Gates Invader


Sometimes there is only one tool that you need – a hammer. Things just need to be hit, and they need to be hit hard. When it comes to guitar pickups the SH-8 Invader would be considered the hammer of … Continue reading

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7/8 String Soapbar Size Now Available


Ever since active pickups came out and many guitar manufacturers starting building with them in mind, there’s been one problem – the standard size of active pickups (Phase II) is different than the size of regular passive humbuckers. Changing out … Continue reading

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Seven-String Pickup Options


One thing 7-string players continually cite as an attraction to the extended range of the seven is that they can still play everything that they could play on a six-string guitar – as well as getting down into much lower musical territory. And that’s true of tone too: the sounds you get out of your six-string pickups are also available from 7-string versions. Many of our popular models are available in versions for 7-string players, and even if we don’t offer a production 7-string version of a six-string pickup you’ve just gotta have on your seven, the Custom Shop may be able to help! Continue reading

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Honky, Hallowed, Humbuckers


Ever since I started playing guitar, I was always drawn towards the Les Paul – the three-pickup version in particular. The two-pickup guitar always lacked something in the looks department. I still can’t figure out what, but it feels a bit unnatural to me. When I finally got a three-pickup Les Paul Custom in black, I was totally taken by the looks. It was to define all other guitars I would buy (or sell) from that moment on! The only thing that absolutely didn’t work for me was the wiring. Continue reading

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High vs Medium Output Pickups: Is More Better?


There are many decisions involved when choosing the right pickup. Vintage or Modern? Hum cancelling or not? What kind of EQ do I want? One of the most misunderstood choosing between a vintage output or high output pickup (or somewhere in between).Most people think that high output pickups are only for heavy music, and lower output pickups are for everything else. Once we understand what a higher output pickup does for the sound (and our playing), we might be better equipped to make a choice. Continue reading

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Nile’s Karl Sanders On Metal Tone, Technique And The Gate Of Sethu


Nile’s latest album is At The Gate of Sethu [Nuclear Blast], an impressive slab of technical death metal loaded with ultra-precise riffs, eerie atmospherics and plenty of the band’s trademark lyrical focus, which finds much of its base in Ancient Egyptology. Continue reading

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Ultimate High-Output Pickup Comparsion

HDR KM Studio mid

If you are looking for a high-output pickup for rock or metal, check out this comparsion demo where you can see 12 of our most popular models compared in side by side demos. Distortion 0:06 – 1:02 Full Shred 1:03 … Continue reading

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