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So You’re Gonna Make a Record?


This article explains some preparations needed for the studio, and how you can adapt to the situation once you are there. Continue reading

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Talking Tone With Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen

There aren’t many players who can say they’ve spearheaded an entire genre, but Yngwie J Malmsteen is among this esteemed few. Yngwie synthesised the worlds of classical melodicism and heavy rock energy in ways that had only been hinted at before, and in doing so he ignited a guitar revolution. With Yngwie currently on the road for his Guitar Gods tour with fellow virtuosi Bumblefoot and Gary Hoey, we caught up with the maestro to talk tone. Continue reading

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Unleashing The Mysteries Of A Scalloped Fingerboard


Over the years there have been many modifications to the electric and acoustic guitar. One of the more radical ones is the use of a scalloped fingerboard. This is an irreversible modification that ‘scoops out’ the wood between the frets (see pictures). This article will explain exactly why someone might do this, the benefits and drawbacks of scalloping and why this became popular in electric guitar playing. Continue reading

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Cage Match: Big Strings vs. Small Strings


In the wonderful guitar universe, it’s important not to criticize what size strings a man or woman uses. However, any guitarist that has spent just a small amount of time on internet forum and message boards has navigated the minefield … Continue reading

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Blues and the Harmonic Minor Scale

54-55 Strat burst neck

The blues has been slowly disappearing as an element of modern rock and metal for over two decades. This doesn’t mean we can’t learn from ‘old guys’ and the simplicity of playing fewer notes with feeling and the right tone. Now the harmonic minor scale has been associated with guitarists like Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen, who no doubt possess some great bluesy phrasing, but are pretty different from the blues guitarists that influenced them. Continue reading

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Digging Out of the Hole You’re In: Breaking Out of Playing Ruts

night in the ruts

We’ve all been there before: when we’re uninspired and everything we play sounds, well, the same. Playing ruts, or more accurately named plateaus, are problems every instrumentalist faces and has to work through. In this article, let’s look at some … Continue reading

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Adding Texture To Your Playing With Archaic Scales!

Joe Bonamassa

Even the very-much known major and minor scales are just ancient modes. In this article I want to take a closer look at modes and how many players use them, but actually don’t know that they use them. Continue reading

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The YJM High-Speed Volume Pot

YJM High Speed Pot

You may wonder what the big deal is about a re-engineered volume pot. It is one of those things many guitarists leave up on 10 all the time, right? Some don’t even ever adjust it, getting dynamics solely from pedals, amp or fingers. For those who had grown up playing Strats, we know the volume pot is in the perfect place to wrap your pink around. We can pick the note with the volume down, then turn the volume up with the pinky. Now, part of the reason we recognize the sound as an electric guitar has to do with the initial attack of a pick hitting the strings. The hard-surface (pick) to hard-surface (string) sound tells us what we are listening to. Continue reading

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To Scallop Or Not To Scallop?


There are plenty of myths out there about scalloped fretboards. They help you play fast. They can make you play out of tune. They weaken the neck. What’s the truth? And what on earth are they for? Continue reading

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Guitarist/Radio Host, Jason Saulnier on YJM Fury pickups

Seymour Duncan User Jason Saulnier

Jason Saulnier is a Canadian-based contributor to Music Legends interview magazine and Guitar International magazine. About the new Yngwie Malmsteen signature pickups he says, “Seymour Duncan YJM Fury STK-S10 pickups give me all the sustain and power needed to play at … Continue reading

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