Top Ten Most Recognizable Basslines

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5 string P Bass pickupWhether you love or hate the song or band, you hear two second (if that) of the bassline and immediately know what song it is, and who’s playing it. And usually, if you go into Guitar Center, there’s a really good chance you’ll hear someone play one of these lines, albeit badly. And if you’re in any sort of cover band, at some point you may be required to learn some of these. So, let’s dive into this Top Ten list of Most Recognized Basslines.

A Quick Disclaimer: There are obviously more than ten basslines that are instantly recognizable. These are mine, and the ones that if someone asked me what are my favorite basslines ever, these are the ones I’d fall back on.

My Girl – The Temptations: The opening line is a simple, thumpy, 5-1-1 pattern. But immediately, you know what it is, and start to smile, knowing that Jamerson is holding it down and the Temps are crooning. You can’t beat it.


Chameleon – Herbie Hancock: True, it’s a synth line that starts this song up well before Paul Jackson gets his hands on it. That hasn’t stopped any high school jazz band or combo from “giving the bass player some” right off the bat to set up this completely sick, yet utterly simple, groove.


Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers: When I was talking about hearing bad renditions of these basslines at your local Guitar Center, this is the major culprit. But, you can’t help it. Flea lays it down – hard – on the Stevie Wonder cover.


Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi: While most people think of Richie Sambora’s use of the talkbox on the opening riff, the bass starts it off. And it wasn’t until I was learning this for a cover gig that I realized how awesome the entire bassline is, especially when the chorus kicks in.


School Days – Stanley Clarke: I very distinctly remember listening to this album at my bass teacher’s house. Originally I thought, “Oh, that’s a decent but simple guitar part,” and then the guitar kicked in, and my mind was completely blown as to what the bass could do.


I Wish – Stevie Wonder: This groove I find is usually the one that separates the men from the boys. I mean, Nate Watts, just, Nate Watts.


You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon: Most people will probably sing along with the horn line in this, but Bakithi Kumalo is dancing in and out of the tune, laying down a groove that you can immediately tell. And hey, if you can play the bass solo forwards and backwards, more power to you.


Everyday People – Sly and the Family Stone: The biggest thing about this that makes the song is the way that Larry Graham hammers the root…and that’s about it. The line moves, it grooves, it provides a rock solid foundation for everything else. And you find yourself singing that steady pattern.


The Real Me – The Who: You could argue that nearly every one of John Entwhistle’s lines was instantly recognizable, and you’d be right. He was one of the few musicians that had his own signature style and sound. This is just one of the favorite Ox lines that I’ve had to learn over the years in various groups.


My Friend of Misery – Metallica: Love them or hate them, a lot of people wanted to pick up an electric guitar because of one of Metallica’s albums. And for me, it convinced this classical & jazz bassist to pick up the electric bass and give it a try, specifically because of Newstead’s line in this song, and on this album as a whole.


So there you have it; ten of the most recognizable – either when you’re listening to the radio, or walking into your local Guitar Center – basslines. This is obviously a very small list, as there have been some amazing bassists over the decades; what are the ones that you can immediately pick out in two notes or less?

Written on June 27, 2014, by Jon Moody

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  • Gabriel

    Where’s KISS Detroit Rock City?

  • Richard

    Queen – Another one bites the dust?



  • Robert Grueneberg


  • VisitArgentina

    Where are Queen´s “Another one bites the dust” and “Under Pressure” ???????

  • Octavio Meza

    sooo where are money, Ramble on, good times by chic, would by AIC, blackeyed blonde?

  • conversationpc

    How could this list not include David Ellefson’s bassline from Megadeth’s “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?”. That bassline was the opening bumper music for MTV News for quite awhile.

    • Nathan

      SERIOUSLY. Probably one of my all time favorites.

  • I have to say Jack Bruce from Cream made some truly memorable bass lines. Pick any of them! I think the theme has to be songwriting Bass players. Ok. Chill!

  • Patrick Durham

    A great list. I like the fact that, since these bass parts are so integral to the song, they don’t stand out as “solo” parts. It makes me think of Tom Petersson on “Need Your Love.” Without knowing that’s a 12-string bass, you’d swear that there was another guitar playing along with him in the intro. Kudos!

  • c-bass

    Weak list. How can these be omitted in favor of “Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock??

    “Money” – Pink Floyd
    “Another One Bites The Dust” Queen
    “Good Times” – Chic
    “Sweet Emotion” – Aerosmith
    “Under Pressure” – Bowie/Queen
    “Stand By Me” Ben E King

    • Jon Moody

      Easily, read the disclaimer.

      • Cory Vanagas

        Ah. that clarifies things.

      • C.j. Broz

        The disclaimer doesn’t help. You need to distinguish between your favorite bass lines and recognizable bass lines. In a list of ten most recognizable bass lines, you need to include the latter, not the former.

        • Jon Moody

          Recognizable is totally up to the person doing the list. I’ve had people send me lists that could easily be the “Top Ten Most Recognizable METAL Bass Lines,” and had the “Top Ten Most Recognizable MOTOWN Bass LInes,” which will all still be your favorite, whether you know it or not. There’s no real way to definitively state that, yes, these are the most recognizable because even if you poll a group of people, it’s all based on what they listened to.

    • Cory Vanagas

      Completely agree. What about Ace of Spades by Motorhead too? And Schism, by Tool?

    • I agree, John Deacon makes the most recognizable bass lines.

    • Yvonne de La Vega

      yes and
      “Raisin In The Sun” – Violent Femmes”
      “Seven Nation Army” – White Stripes
      “Don’t Go” – Yaz
      “Let’s Dance” – David Bowie

  • Tim Clancy

    “Living In The Past” by Jethro Tull, you left that out too. And “Closer To Home” by Grand Funk is another instantly recognizable bass line.

  • Lou Cifer

    Goodbye Tonight – Paul McCartney, Twilight Zone – Rush, Dazed And Confused – Led Zeppelin, Another One Bites The Dust – Queen, Money – Pink Floyd, Invaders – Iron Maiden, War Pigs – Black Sabbath, Theme song from Barney Miller

  • Mick Bodine

    YYZ? Another One Bites the Dust,

  • Fun fact: The horn lines on ‘You Can Call Me Al’ are actually guitar synth played by Adrian Belew.

  • CaptSensible

    Something? Silly Love Songs? How Many More Times? Money? Even simple but vital ones like Baba O’Riley and Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone….

  • Les Paul Marshall

    Roundabout for Christ’s sake

    • Clock325

      YES! (haha unintended pun) GREAT BASS LINE!!!

  • dboner

    No McCartney? That’s a travesty. Penny Lane, Come Together, Hello Goodbye…….

  • hegesias

    “How Many More Times”

  • David Hardy

    Lounge Act – Nirvana, pretty well anything from primus..

  • coe

    the bassline in rhcp pretty little ditty/crazy towns butterfly is pretty good, if you strip back and ignore the little riff and the annoying raps in butterfly its actually a pretty decent bit

  • TheWarrior

    Longview by Green Day?

    • Shaydon Bodemar

      That’s the one I was looking for…. Punk rock is too often discluded from these lists.

  • Alhambra_Man

    Bring down the birds – herbie hancock, brilliantly sampled by deee lite in groove is in the heart :

    • Jon Moody

      God, I love that song.

      • Alhambra_Man

        I forgot to mention jamiroquai’s traveling without moving (I think it’s Stuart Zender who plays that bass lineS all along this song)

  • rohan

    Must hear suicide and redemption!!!! Awesome baseline by Metallica’s bassist!!!!!!

  • Billy J. Kee

    The Rage – Judas Priest

  • Bo Smith

    How the hell is Longview not on here?

  • rockridge98

    So many great recognizable funk bass lines:
    Fire by Ohio Players
    The intro to Love of Money by the OJays.
    Good Times by Chic (later sampled by Sugar Hill Gang)
    What is Hip by Tower of Power
    Every song James Brown ever recorded.

    The bass line on the Barney Miller TV show, every bassist I know used to play that to show off.
    And the most horrible but recognizable bass part of all time:
    The cheesy synth slap bass riff at the beginning of every Law and Order TV episode.

  • Joe Anguiano

    Peace sells megadeth no brainer!

  • Double D

    I figured Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” was a shoo-in, but there’s been a lot of ‘lectric bass on records since the late 50’s…

    • Csheri

      I agree, it should’ve been in there.

  • Csheri

    Real list:
    1. Come Together – The Beatles
    2. Money – Pink Floyd
    3. Another On Bites the Dust – Queen
    4. Stranglehold – Ted Nugent
    5. Stand by Me – Ben E. King
    6. The Wall Part 2 – Pink Floyd
    7. YYZ – Rush
    8. Seven Nation Army- White Stripes (if you really want things that simply sound like a bass but aren’t)
    9. What’d I say – Ray Charles (again not a bass, it’s the bass end of an electric piano. but who doesn’t INSTANTLY know what they’re listening to?)
    10. Rosenrot – Rammstein (say what you will about simplicity but yet again, once you hear it you know it’s Rosenrot)

  • Boyd

    Other notables…

    Under Pressure – Queen.
    Spirit of the Radio – RUSH
    YYZ – RUSH
    Freewill – RUSH
    Dancing in the Moonlight – Thin Lizzy
    I Want You Back – The Jackson Five (Wilton Felder)
    Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (Louis Johnson)
    Walk On the Wild Side – Lou Reed (Herbie Flowers)
    Come Together – The Beatles (Paul McCartney)
    Roundabout – Yes (Chris Squire)
    Good Times – Chic (Bernard Edwards)

    On Bon Jovi…if you didn’t realize it was great until you learned it…. why is it on this list?


    • Jon Moody

      Let’s revisit the sentence you’re attempting to quote me on: And it wasn’t until I was learning this for a cover gig that I realized how awesome the entire bassline is, especially when the chorus kicks in.

      As I originally stated, prior to learning the song I didn’t realize how great that whole line is; the bassline in the chorus carries it. But I didn’t have to like the entire thing to recognize it; we all have songs we despise that, when they come on the radio, we instantly squirm and flip the channel.

  • Alex Pilkevych

    Schism by Tool?

  • sjbass

    Wow… Where’s the love for The Wrecking Crew? Carol Kaye’s bassline from ‘Good Vibrations’ alone would easily replace ‘Call Me Al’…

  • Chris Bucklen

    Though not a fan of the song, Rush: New World Man.

  • kingdiamond

    Otherside should have been the Chili peppers song that opening bass line is legendary .

  • Kurt
  • JD

    Peace Sells???? Anyone??

  • Alin Stefanescu

    “Dazed and confused”- Led Zeppelin

  • imenator

    Great post

    – No More Tears by Ozzy
    – Wrathchild by Iron Maiden
    – Radar Love by Golden Earing
    – The intro of Time by Pink Floyd, its a freaking clock ticking!!!!!
    – Give It Away by Ret Hot Cilli Peppers.
    – Do You Take This Man? by Diamanda Galas and John Paul Jones
    – Peace Sells… by Megadeth

    – This must be the place by The Talking Heads.
    – The Boys are Back int Town by Thin Lizzy
    – Sinister Minister by Bela Fleck and the Fleckstones

  • Rashid Sivaji

    Where the fuck is Peace Sells?

  • JT Tomlinson

    Newsted. With an E

  • kitko100


  • Chris P. Dekker

    Yeah, I also think John Deacon is the master of bass intros, with Another One Bites The Dust, Under Pressure, Dragon Attack, Breakthru and more.

    • Tom

      Well said, hitted the sweetspot!

  • Daniel S. Espitia

    Where is Hysteria – Muse?

  • Peter Biggins

    The most recognisable bassline is Chain by Fleetwood Mac. What’s wrong with you?

  • emersonushc13

    I like “Mystery Achievement” by The Pretenders.

  • No Primus? This list is shit. How many average people could identify half of those songs, let alone the bass riff? Take ‘I’ve Got Sunshine’ down to just the bass and see how many people can identify it.

  • HELL

    Lists worth nothing but to be corrected by third parties according to their criteria and taste.

  • Styxer08

    Stranglehold???? Just to name one. Lol

  • Rule

    eye of the tiger – survivor…play and see if you start shadow boxing

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      Tried it, accidentally punched my thermostat. Now my hand hurts and the heat won’t turn off. I’m getting sleepy…

  • alex

    how can this not include feel good inc.? EVERYBODY knows that song

  • Rich

    Come As You Are.

  • why did you leave out another one bites the dust?

  • Birch please

    No Love for Eric Wilson? (date rape, Santeria…..)

  • Aidan


  • Carmoejorkel

    Glide by Pleasure ,,, Weak at the knees Slave

  • 7EightyOne

    More Bounce. Roger and Zapp

  • TheMagician