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Thread: what doea my dean ml need?

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    Default what does my dean ml need?

    i just recieved a dean ml79,flamed maple top in cherry sunburst,from ebay seller,only paid 350 for it ,but it has the stock ,dean zebra pick ups that dont have the sound im looking for.i play les pauls,but i also have a killer strat that i put a sd jb in the bridge and a sd lil scremon demon in the neck and its killer.would the jb and reg size demon in the same positions be a good set up on the dean?im running a line 6 half stack through a digitech 3000 guitar work staition and like heavy metal like sabbath and godsmack,but like the older stuff like zep and kiss as well.just lookin for suggestions
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    Default Re: what doea my dean ml need?

    I have never played a demon in the neck. The JB will sound great for what you want sound wise. I am assuming it is mahogany or alder, the JB kills in both
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