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Thread: 2 Classic Stack Pluses & a HB

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    Default 2 Classic Stack Pluses & a HB

    For those who have such a setup, I have a few questions:

    What model HB do you use?
    How is the output balance between the pickups?
    What value pots do you use?
    Do you have any special wiring (splits, auto-split, etc.)

    And of course, do you like it?

    I'm thinking of putting some stack pluses and a HB in my Strat, and I'd like to know what people's experiences are.

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    Default Re: 2 Classic Stack Pluses & a HB

    Hi, i have a MIM Fat Strat with a JB humbucker and two CS+. I love the sound i get from the guitar. I find myself using the CS+ a lot more than the JB. Love the neck one to play solos and the middle one for rhythm.

    This setup was recommended to me by Lew. He is pretty knowledgeable. I think according to him the CS+ get 95% close to the tone of the Antiquity Surfers.

    I love the sound i get when combining the middle CS+ with one coil of the JB. The output is very balanced. I lowered the JB so that it sounds just a little bit louder than the CS+.

    I use 250k pots for all three and i like it. I have never used a 500K one so i don’t know how that would sound.

    The wiring is regular for a fat strat. I only split the JB so that in position 2, one coild of it is combined with the middle pickup. I did add tone control on the bridge position and am glad i did it.

    Overall, this setup is very versatile. I play mostly classic rock but also some grunge and country/folk.

    Hope this helps,

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