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Thread: HEADS UP: Limited Run Callaham Narrow Spaced Bridge Assemblies

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    Exclamation HEADS UP: Limited Run Callaham Narrow Spaced Bridge Assemblies

    Now I should be able to get one for my Pacifica!

    If you're after one, now would be the time to act... before it's too late.

    To fill the need of a complete vintage styled 2 1/16 string spaced bridge assembly we have set up a limited production run to keep cost affordable for everyone.

    There are 2 models:

    Mexican Model: This is a complete assembly that is a direct replacement on Mexican Standard Guitars. It has a 2 1/16 string spacing and a 2 1/16 mounting spacing. And will work with any guitar with a 2 1/16 mounting spacing.

    V/N Model: This is a complete assembly that has vintage 2 7/32 (56mm) mounting spacing but with the narrow 2 1/16 string spacing. It will fit any body with vintage mounting. It is specifically for those who have the E strings too close to the edge of the fretboard or use humbucking pickups. Your strings will now be better positioned on the neck and line up over the poles of humbucking pickups.

    Naturally both models are made using the exact same materials and construction as our Vintage S model Bridge. These are complete assemblies that come with top plate, block, saddles, 5 tremolo springs, claw and 2 claw screws, 6 hardened tremolo mounting screws, "64" virtual pop-in arm, all stainless steel screws, and adjustment wrench.

    Price is $165.00 for either model.

    These limited production narrow bridges will only be listed on this page at this time.
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    Default Re: HEADS UP: Limited Run Callaham Narrow Spaced Bridge Assemblies

    at that cost i'd never use one on a MIM standard..... i paid between $200-$300 for most of my MIM guitars... i'd rather sell the axes and buy a better axe then spend that much on the bridge....

    now i'm not against the 2nd one that has vintage screw pacement with a narrow strings spread... i could see myself using such a bridge on a good quality vintage style strat if i had issues with the E strings...

    But both designs are great to see on the market!

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    Default Re: HEADS UP: Limited Run Callaham Narrow Spaced Bridge Assemblies

    Its about freaking time they did that. But at that price geez..

    Gotoh has a bunch of bridges that are at much better prices. IMHO
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