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Thread: All Parts Bodies

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    Default All Parts Bodies

    How is the quality? I originally thought of going with warmoth, but it seems like a crap shoot in wanting what they are offering sometimes.

    Anyways before I drop $300 on one, are they any good. Same goes for the ones offered by

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    Default Re: All Parts Bodies

    Hi Eric,
    I can only speak about Allparts necks and they are quite good indeed.
    Better than the Mighty Mite's and well routed with good dimensions.
    In regards to their bodies, wouldn't have a clue, but, here in Aus I tend
    to use Japanese and Korean 3 piece bodies that at $100 AUD are VERY
    reasonable, more so if you are planning a painted finish.
    You guys in the States should be able to get these even cheaper given
    the size of your market.
    Cheers, Will.

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