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Thread: Osprey (experimental audio clip)

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    Default Osprey (experimental audio clip)

    This is me messing around with my Boss ME-50 with the idea of trying to make an effect sound like a CV-22 Osprey's rotors turning. As such, it's only an idea, me goofing off with the sound effect on repeat. It's incomplete, but I thought maybe someone might find it interesting. I used a tremolo and a -1 octave pedal to try and simulate the aircraft sound. It's 11 minutes long, so be warned. Also, some of the audio sounded a bit peaky, so I tried lowering the volume during processing, should work out fine, but if you run into problems please let me know. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Osprey (experimental audio clip)

    it was pretty cool man, but too long. no problems with audio.
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