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Thread: Please help with drum loop creation, MIDI,

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    Default Please help with drum loop creation, MIDI,

    First off can someone explain MIDI? Is it used to write drum loop?

    I have a Lexicon Omega recording set up on my computer, and it has a lot of stuff for MIDI, but I can't figure out if I need a keyboard or something to get the thing to work.

    I'm trying to creat some drum loops for my songs, but I'm not having any luck. I've downloaded a lot of free loop, sounds (all in wav. I think), and I've downloaded the PC drummer demo (don't really like the sounds for my songs).

    I want to have more control over the drums, fills, ect. I'm wondering if I need to get a 'controler' (mabey?) like this:

    I was thinking if I got something like this I could put the sounds from my computer in it and then make the beats or something,

    Please tell me if I'm heading in the right direction or if I'm way off. I need some advice really bad.

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    Default Re: Please help with drum loop creation, MIDI,

    I dont really know what the lexicon omega thingy is but if your looking for midi drums a cool thing for it is guitarpro ,you can download a demo of it at but as for that i couldnt recommend any more short of getting a drum machine...
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