Hello All,

I just got my BSG Instigator from UPS about an hour ago and have a question regarding the El Diablo. Do they make an angled pickup ring that fits it? The guitar has the strings at an angle like a LP but the El Diablo isn't angled. Probably nothing to worry about, but I look for bad things... that is about all I could find!

BTW the guitar is a killer man! It is allot smaller than I thought, and my first thoughts were crap... another light weight snappy sounding pointy. NOPE, the thing sounds frighteningly close to my explorer, in fact any differences are nice. The neck is great, it sustains, and it even passes the acoustics test! One of the nicest guitars I have played! I highly recommend Eric over at Boogie Street if you guys are looking for a guitar... my next one will be a Preacher or Idol!