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Thread: Bridge pup choices-getting closer(I think)

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    Default Bridge pup choices-getting closer(I think)

    I have 2 pups in my sights for this project Iceman. Alnico ll pro is going in the neck (I should mention mahogany body and neck, rosewood board) so my choices for the bridge are
    1. '59 (4 wire)
    2. PG
    3. I know I said 2 pups, but what the heck, '78 EVH

    My goal - must series/split/parallel well, work with the apll, do everything from finger picked cleans to stratish split tones to classic rock, southern rock, and rip it up when pushing a high gain head (gain from the head, not the pup). Versatility and balance. I have probably covered this ground before in a previous thread, but I'm still at odds.
    One more question - how are the PG and Demon different?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Bridge pup choices-getting closer(I think)

    I had similar questions before and responses are mostly to pair up with same kind. PG+pg, 59+59, a2+a2...

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