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Thread: Blackout Wiring Question

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    Default Blackout Wiring Question

    I recently puchased a seymour duncan blackout and just had a technical question about installing the pick up, before I start soldering and stripping wires.
    On the instructions/wiring diagrams it says that the pickup should have a three core wire coming from the pickup as well as the quick pin connector. My pickup doesnt have that three core wire.
    I presume this has been a design change? and they have yet to change the instructions? (most of the pictures of the pickup on the web have the 3 core wire pictured).
    They have included a quick connect pin with attached wire, however it only has a red and black wire coming from it. The white terminates under some heat shrink just after the pin. The wiring diagrams show a bare, white and a red. But I only have a red and a black coming from the connector.
    So just wanted some advice on how to proceed with the wiring?
    I could hook it up like EMG wiring diagrams, so the black would be the hot and the red would go to the battery, but the instructions dont tell me to do this, I presume it will work? but dont want to start stripping wires and soldering stuff until I am sure how to proceed. And most importantly wanted to check I have been sent all the right accessories to install the pickup, and that the pickup I have been sent is not missing the 3 core wire (i.e is this a mistake on the pickup I have been sent).

    Grateful for any advice/info received



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    Default Re: Blackout Wiring Question

    welcome to the forum!!

    i have no idea, ive never played a blackout but here is a bump

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    Default Re: Blackout Wiring Question

    Hey bro...I'm looking at my BO that I'm installing this weekend. Its a bit of an optical allusion. If you strip off the black casing a bit, you'll see a white wire is surrounded by the other bare wrapped wire. Sperate them into two seperate wires, and you have red, bare, and white...which you can then match to the diagram.
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