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Thread: Basswood body pickups?

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    Default Re: Basswood body pickups?

    Quote Originally Posted by JB_From_Hell View Post

    I sill think the Air Zone/Air Classic would be a cool combo, especially if you have the ability to tweak your guitar's volume and tone controls. You'd be surprised at how many people are unwilling to do that.

    BTW, the Air Zone's split sound is like a crunchy Telecaster, so it would be good for getting some of those faux-single coil sounds. I'm also gonna recommend that you use the Air Classic bridge model. It's a little hotter, but sounds great in the neck.
    Personally... I've got no problem turning the knobs. Got separate Vols for each pup position. I may add Mstr Vol when I'm changing all the pots out. BOSS GE-7 is a permanent fixture in my chain.

    And... I was thinking of going Tele for a second guitar instead of changing the pups, so....

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Lo
    For a basswood guitar that has locking trem, I would go for a set of pickups similar to those found in the Eddie Van Halen MusicMan guitar (which is basswood and has a locking trem on it). DiMarzio suggests that very similar pickups would be the Tone Zone in the bridge and the Air Norton in the neck.
    Good info. Nobody seems to like to "admit" that their guitar is Basswood. Go figure. From what I've read, it's a perfectly acceptable tone wood... just a little (physically) soft.

    Got lotza' good info. Now... a choice. Hmmmmm...
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    Default Re: Basswood body pickups?

    Air Norton (Neck)
    Air Zone (Bridge)

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