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Thread: What are my options for this 2 HB 2PP wiring?

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    Default What are my options for this 2 HB 2PP wiring?

    Will this wiring be strictly coil tapped as is?
    Is there anyway I can get a hum canceling option?
    ex: separate coils in parallel? Is that sound even worth it? Is that the only humbucking option?

    So with this I can have a mix of HB and SC together right? Does that sound good?

    I'm of course looking for the best sounding pseudo single coil sound I can get. It's for a PRS CU22 Mahogany, Maple Top, Trem

    I am trying to decide whether or not to yank this PRS 5 Way... kind of already decided... if you know what I mean.

    I have several neck pickups to try it with... ANII, PGn, Jazz, Stag Mag, Air Classic, Air Norton
    Not so many Bridge: PGb, Air Norton, Air Classic

    The P-Rails looks very interesting... But the sound on the video was not so hot! Maybe that was the wrong guitar to demo them with?
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