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    Default Help: Carved Top

    I working on my new project and I have always liked the look of the bigger horn on the Parker Fly guitars and I wanted to try and incorporate something similar into this project.

    Problem is I am not sure how to do it and I don't think I have the correct tools either.

    I would prefer to pickup some hand tools as power tools and I equal disaster.

    So what do I need and any advice on how to do it?



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    Default Re: Help: Carved Top

    What you need are 2 half round files. Use the rounded side.
    The first cut should be done using a half round wood rasp.
    Get a good quality one, they are pretty vicious, so use nice long even strokes.
    When you get the shape pretty much there, switch to a bastard file, these are primarily used for metal work, but they work just fine on timber. this smooths the rough cuts left by the rasp.
    Then its out with the sandpaper, start with 120 grit and work your way through the grits until about 400, good stages are 120, 200, 320, 400
    Then use 00 steel wool, then finish with 0000 steel wool.
    Remember, nice long controlled strokes of the files and you will get it done in no time

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