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Agreed. But that's no way to treat someone willing to put them to work. These guys are making themselves YouTube 'stars', while wearing the uniform of a major US food service company, and openly degrading the quality of the food made there. If Domino's feels threatened in any way by this action, and by my reasoning they would, they'll consider this an assault upon their character and walk in shooting from the hip, metaphorically speaking.

The local guy owning the franchise depends on people willing to trust him to make food that won't make anyone sick, and this video is going around the world, putting that trust in the trash. If his business goes under as a result, he won't be able to feed his family anything at all.
Agree 100%.

I worked in fast food for 5 years, and I NEVER did that to anyones food, thats just plain disgusting. The worst I ever did was give them less fries, and even then I felt like an ass!