I'm new here and wondered if I could pick your brains?
I've just fitted a Hot Stack (Bridge) and Vintage Stack (Rhythm) to my CIJ Tele.
Everything seems OK - no noise, all switch positions working and the Hot Stack sounds awesome.
Problem I do have is matching the output. I have the Hot Stack set 1/8" from the strings (fretted at last fret). This is the max recommended distance.
I've had to wind the Rhythm pick up to 1/16" and it still feels slightly flatter/thinner and lacking in volume. It is a nice mellow sound though.
Is this just the nature of the Vintage Stack and the fact that the Hot Stack is, well, "hot"?
Switching from Neck to Bridge there's a noticeable jump in volume & attack.

Should I go closer on the rhythm pickup? With single coils I'm used to the neck pickup being set further back than the treble.

Any advice gratefully recieved.