So I use a Steve's Special in the bridge with a 250k volume pot and a PAF Joe in the neck with a 500k volume pot. The Steve's Special is just what I needed for the bridge, clear, tight, and punchy but still could be smooth if I EQ my lead channel right. But my neck position could be a little better. I like the PAF Joe better than the PG5 I had in the neck before. It's a lot brighter and cuts a little better. The only issue is that it could be a little hotter to match better with the SS and it could split a lot better too and also it still could have more cut and brightness/

My SS splits very well and is very Strat-like sounding. Sometimes even reminds me of my Tele, but my neck sounds almost the exact same series or split. The neck could also have more midrange cut and more high end bite too. Going from the PAF Joe to the FRED makes me think I'll have more brightness and cut since its supposed to have more mids and a single-coil like vibe. It's also hotter so it would split better too.

Anyone here have a FRED in the neck? It would be helpful to hear what you think about it.