I have recently upgraded a Strat Style guitar with three new pickups.
Bridge - Hot Rails
Middle - Vintage Rails
Neck - Cool Rails

I have a standard open 5 way switch so I decided to just try 'standard wiring' (treating them as single coil by taping the red and white together. Green and bare go to ground). I was following the wiring diagram for each of the pickups. However the Vinage Rails only had one diagram and it showed the red and black together to the switch and the Green, White and Bare to ground so I wired it that way. The Bridge and Neck sound awesome.

The middle sounds weaker and not as clear so I am assuming that they may be out of phase. I was going to re-wire the middle pickup so that the red and white were taped off and the black to the switch and green and bare to the ground.

Before I did so I was wondering if anybody new why the diagram only showed the one they did?

Would wiring as a single be the way to go? (B->Switch, R&W taped, B&G->Ground)

I am also thinking of getting a 5 Way Super Switch so that I can have the parallel/series and/or select a single coil. Which wiring diagram on SD's website would I use? The 'lil humbuckers'?

I know, a lot of questions and I do appreciate any responses...