hey guys! i havent really been on here much in the past month since i'm in nashville at the mo doing that internship. i've been watching a TON of anime though so i thought i'd share my thoughts on some of them

i already made threads for Gantz and Higurashi no naki koro ni so i wont go into too much detail on those
turns out the Gantz anime doesnt even follow the first 7 chapters of the manga or something! no wonder it sucked! they forgot the plot! anyway i'm gonna pick up the manga for sure so i can give it a real shot!

Higurashi was amazing! one of a handful of animes that actually have proper endings! i watched both seasons and the 4 episode OAV. Very well done so i'm going to look for the game!

on to the new stuff!

5 centimeters per second: this is a feature film. Its an anime that falls into the romance/slicce of life genre. Very worth it even though its quite sad too...

Tenjou Tenge: amazing ****ing manga! terrible ass anime! once again they forgot to come to a conclusion! fortunately this is due to the fact that the manga isnt even complete yet. Its on hiatus while "Oh! Great" (the dude behind it) finishes Air Gear. Simply a bad ass concept though, makes me wish they waited til the manga was done before they made a show

School Days: an anime based on a porn game. I really cant enjoy this show since i absolutely hate the main character (along with everyone else in the world). The game has various story arcs based on your actions, and it seems the anime is following one of the bad endings because the main character is being a complete jackass. Its okay though, the final episode caused a big ruckus when it aired in japan because apparently the main dude gets whats coming to him. If you wanna know what i mean by THAT then note that the final episode was delayed because a violent murder took place the day before and the studio didnt want to be asociated with it. needless to say i might skip to the final episode so i can feel happy again

i'm only on episode 9 of school days but boy is it a CHORE! i'm going to buy the game so i can make the main character not retarded and so the story goes my way . Been a while since i played a new japanese porn game, should be fun!