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Thread: did'ja ever????????

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    Default did'ja ever????????

    Buy a guitar (probably used), tune it it!!!!!, buy it....take it home and still love it. Then the next day, week, month...whatever, you replace the strings.....and WOW!!! it sounds nothing like it did. The "mojo" done mojoed outa there. Then you call where you got it, trying to find what magical strings were on it....and really never quite do. I've had that happen several times, mostly pawnshop guitars. I think in looking back, it was the newness of the strings that changed the sound. It seemed as they were played more and strings got older the "sound" returned to some degree.

    I find I can get a more "broken-in" sound out of a guitar if I use Ernie Ball Slinky's. They're really good strings, and great for that. Mostly I use Daddario's. But sometimes.......

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    Default Re: did'ja ever????????

    No, but I have bought a guitar that needed some serious work (my old Yairi), and did everything needed to get it into perfect playing condition and have it sound worse than it did.

    Complete refret, new bone nut and saddle, adjust the neck to proper relief, fill in the chipped soundhole, and take out the 1990's soundhole pickup...poop.

    Changing the frets back to a lower height did the trick, and now that's the only guitar I ever regret letting go of. If I had the 400 bones to buy it back to the guy I sold it to, it'd be mine in a heartbeat.

    BTW, you might have a better chance of finding that "magic string mojo" by using EB Nickel Rockers. They have a more mellow tone, sounding like steel plated nickels do after the breaking in period.
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