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Thread: I saw great show this summer...

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    Default I saw great show this summer...

    Just wanted to share now that summer is almost over. Bluesfest in Ottawa is one of the biggest music festivals in North-America. I got to see :

    Jeff Beck : Changed my outlook on guitar. The man is a legend. His bassist is probably the best I have ever seen.

    KISS : OMG. I didn't get it when Aceman was talking about it, but now I do. 50 000 person crowd, I camped out for hours, and was about 20 ft away from the stage. It was so epic.

    Alan Parson Project : Got right up to front row, and my mind was blown. He replicated the precision of his studio albums live, without any trouble.

    Dead Weather : Loudest show I have ever seen, even more so than Motley Crue or Velvet Revolver. They showed that they are a super group, and that Jack is the man. Their singer, is the proof that woman can rock.

    What did you guys see?
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    Default Re: I saw great show this summer...

    Man... those sound like some awesome shows! I'd LOVE to see JB in action.

    as for my shows, aside from some local-ish bands, Zappa Plays Zappa and CSN.

    ZPZ was just mind-blowing all around. Top notch players having fun and playing awesome tunes.

    The CSN show was great, although they are starting to show their age in their performance, particularly Stephen's voice. His playing was still quite good though, and very inventive. David Crosby's son James Raymond (see CPR) was playing piano for them and helped fill out their harmonies, particularly towards the end of the set.

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