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Thread: great day subbing today, here's what i saw...and played!

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    Default great day subbing today, here's what i saw...and played!

    different school from what i posted yesterday. typical high school music class: jazz band, marching band, percussion, orchestra, and choir. all classes except the last had structured practice and playing with a student leading the class. i didn't do much but listen. but the last class of the day was choir, primarily girls (i'll wait for the jokes....) yesterday the teacher knew he'd be out today so the kids could basically work on whatever they wanted. i figured during this time i'd noodle around on the bass. but some of the kids wandered over to the instruments and started messing around. none of them actually knew how to play anything but that didn't stop me from encouraging them to keep playing. i played bass for a bit, then switched to drums and had a blast bashing away. one girl seemed to take a liking to the bass so i loaned her my pick and that made things easier for her. at one point we had drums, bass, vibraphone, bongos, and piano going. fun! the girl playing bass wanted to keep jamming with me on drums until the last possible second. who knows, maybe i helped plant the seeds to encourage someone to be a bass player.

    here's what i played. not as impressive equipment-wise as the other day but waaaaay better being that i actually got to play.

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    Default Re: great day subbing today, here's what i saw...and played!

    That rocks man!

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