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    Here I go Again: what configuration would work best in a 3 pickup black beauty Epiphone:

    59N/jazz middle (coil tapped)/ 59B

    Jazz B /59 neck/sh-14 custom 5

    jazz/jazz/ 59B

    Nice warm clean tones. I love the jzz coiled tapped so i think the middle location would be ideal to compliment the bridge or the neck or on its own.

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    Here we all go again.

    Same question, different wording. Hence, pretty much same answer, different wording.

    If you like the SH-2 Jazz as your neck PU on the Epi 3PU LP, it makes sense to use that. For the middle, I suggest something with more output. This will allow you to set the middle HB at a lower height but still get decent output. For the bridge position, I would want something a little bit ruder than the Jazz or the '59. I would choose the Pearly Gates.

    Alternatively, if you want a centre pickup that looks like a humbucker but sounds like a single coil, check out the DiMarzio Bluesbucker. If you mount this pickup with its screw pole coil nearer the bridge, the combination of coil-tapped BB and Jazz should make a passable Strat noise.

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