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Thread: Question for the Trekkies - TOS DVD Collection

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    Default Question for the Trekkies - TOS DVD Collection

    A while back I picked up all 3 seasons of the Original Series on DVD (the Yellow, Blue, and Red inserts in the clear plastic cases).

    Finally got around to starting Season 1 last night.

    What do you guys think of the added CGI? Granted it looks tons better than the original model-on-a-string, but to me the Enterprise looks too "clean" in most of the outside shots. There's not enough shadow from natural lighting compared to the original shots.
    Frankly I don't think it looks as good as what's been done on TNG, which is somewhat odd considering how much time they had and how few scenes they actually had to do. Minor touches like the "rear-view mirror" shot as they're pulling away from a planet are nice, though.

    Aside from that, I did notice a few glaring oddities:

    First off, the first disc does not have The Cage (pilot episode with Capt Pike and the Buttheads whose storyline comes around again for The Menagerie I and II). There's no listing for it on any of the 10 discs, and it's not on a separate disc in the package.

    Second, and this bit is confirmed by the episode air-date listings on IMDB, the 3rd episode (Where No Man Has Gone Before) appears to have been filmed prior to the first episode - there's no Uhura, they're still wearing the original uniforms with their original color schemes (medical and security both wear blue), and Spock appears more greenish than in the first episode.

    I actually had to interrupt the show to look up the sequence online because it seemed completely illogical to me, but IMDB says this was originally a 2nd pilot. If that was the case, then it's really out of sequence with the 2 previous episodes.

    Granted changing the sequence from the original air dates would be a bit like putting Stairway before Battle of Evermore, but still, continuity is thrown way off IMO.

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    Default Re: Question for the Trekkies - TOS DVD Collection

    I saw a few of the remastered episodes and personally didn't care for them. I mean what's the point? Leave the originals and everyone's memories of them alone. It's like what they did to the original Star Wars. Just leave it be. Or at the very least offer both versions as an extra on the disc. That's what they do on certain old episodes of Dr Who available on DVD. You can watch with the CG on or off.

    As for the quality of the effects themselves, it looked to me like they intentionally held back a little in an effort to make the effects blend better into the rest of the show. As a result a lot of the effects I saw looked like amateurish computer graphics. Kind of a 1990's Bryce look about them. Procedural clouds on fractal planets and that sort of thing.

    For those unaware, Bryce was (and maybe still is) a 3D landscape program with a funky, easy-to-use interface. It was probably at the height of its popularity in the late 90's and a lot of the early 3D web graphics and sci-fi art were created with it. Most art created with it has an unmistakable look about it. Not necessarily bad, just obvious. Kind of the black velvet paintings of the 3D art world.

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    Default Re: Question for the Trekkies - TOS DVD Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamera View Post
    Kind of the black velvet paintings of the 3D art world.
    thank you !

    i KNEW something was out of place when i saw that they renamed the episode to "the dogs playing poker of triskelon"

    definitely the black velvet painting effect

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