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Thread: Yet another PRails question

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    Default Yet another PRails question

    Hi All,
    I'm thinking of putting a prail in my ancient Ibanez Artist. The sound clips I've heard, I love the neck but don't care for the bridge. What would be a good choice for a bridge humbucker that matches up well with the prail in the neck? Thanks...............Rick

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    Default Re: Yet another PRails question

    Well, due to the versatility of the Prails that's a pretty tough question, so we're probably going to need a bit more to go on.

    First of all; your guitar. What woods is it made from? How does it sound to you unplugged? Is it bright or dark? Resonant?

    What about the rest of your rig? What kind of amp are you using? Is it bright or dark sounding to your ears?

    Lastly and most importantly, what sounds do you want to get from it? What do you not like about your sound at the minute? Any particular artists you're trying to emulate? What style of music would you like to play on it?

    Sorry, it's a lot of questions but the important thing to remember is that no Duncan is 'better' than another, they're just more suited for certain situations than others. And to find that one that suits you, you need to consider all the other aspects of your rig and your aims.
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    Default Re: Yet another PRails question

    And are you looking for a pickup that merely magnifies the acoustic tone of your guitar or do you want it to have some color to it the guitar itself doesn't have? Or is there some aspect of the guitar's tone you're trying to accentuate or reduce, such as bassyness or bite?

    The P-Rail has 3 different sounds/tones to choose from. Do you want a bridge pickup that can do the Rail and humbucker-ish tones or the P90 and Rail tones?

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