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Thread: Seymours for a Les Paul Standard (Premium Plus)

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    Default Re: Seymours for a Les Paul Standard (Premium Plus)

    well - I don't know where you are currently thinking, but the PG will be just what the doctor ordered for the neck.

    I think it should be the stock neck pup in an LP, personally. The bridge will be a tougher call.
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    Default Re: Seymours for a Les Paul Standard (Premium Plus)

    Yes, the PG sounds like a very good neck pickup for a Les Paul. From the audio examples on the site here, I get the impression it is clearer with more cut.

    Any ideas for the Bridge? I'm tempted to try a Custom Custom but I am also wondering if the Custom 5 will sound far less muddy in my Les Paul than it did in my Godin. If that was the case, it would be a good pickup with its incredible balls. I'm also considering the '59 / custom custom hybrid talked about in that one stickied thread . . .

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