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Thread: Swap ideas for stock Strat

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    Default Swap ideas for stock Strat

    I have a friend who has a 05 alder strat with 2-TexMex single coils and 1-Diamondback Humbucker. He is looking for a tone with more bite and ballsy. Anyone out there been there done that?

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    Default Re: Swap ideas for stock Strat

    The JB will sound amazing in an alder bodied strat. If you want something lower output, try the Pearly Gates, or the Pearly Gates +. SSL-1's would go well in the middle and bridge.
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    Default Re: Swap ideas for stock Strat

    Does he want more bite, but still w/a vintage vibe, or would he like the HB bridge to be hot?

    I've always replaced the bridge pup in my Strats, but when I went to a full size HB, I've always gone for something hotter. The SD Invader and the DMZ X2N worked well, but they are best when using a fair amount of overdrive/distortion. The clean sound isn't that great unless you do a coil split. The coil split sound is good, but it is a single coil sound. If you want a HB sound in the bridge, that probably won't do.

    Something along the lines of a PG will clean up nicely, and give more bite.

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