I made a new hybrid today. I already had a jb/bluesbreaker hybrid in this guitar, and that was great. it was a bit like a paf, but with more growl, bit tighter, and less bite than the seth lover, but still that growly mids of the JB.

but the neckpickup was too weak. I even put an alnico8 bar in it, and it just was too soft. lovely sound, though. but too soft. it was a superclear sounding pup, almost hifi-ish, sparkly and warm. like a jazz pickup, I'd almost say.

I wanted that characteristic in a new pickup, but with more beef.

so, I hybridised a jazz and a jb, with an alnico8 in the neck, and an a5 in the bridge.


Why did I never try that before, or read about it?!?! the neckpickup is GREAT. smooth, articulate, chimey, and it sparkles! but it can get dirty enough for bonamassa-style licks.

the bridgepickup, well, its a love-and-hate-relationship so far, but I like the bite and growl. its perhaps a bit too much, but its good so far. Never thought that these 2 'bland' pickups could make such a great hybrid! I call them bland, cause they seem to pop up in every guitar, and everyone has that set...

anyway, I have 4 other pickups on the way. a PATB2, stagmag, '59 bridge and a custom. I'll hybrid the first 2 and the last 2. Can't wait to hear the PATB2/stagmag combination! it promises to be a hot pickup with tight lows, but for all I know it might s*ck :P the '59/custom hybrid is a time tested and tried combo, that will sound awesome for sure.