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Thread: Just screwing around at rehearsal jam.......

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    Default Just screwing around at rehearsal jam.......

    We sometimes break into a spontaneous jam and it sounds nothing like the songs on the album, here is one that we just happened to be recording and captured us goofing off.

    Not bad for something made up on the spot...........

    Rockin Jam

    So see if you can guess some of my guitar influences based off my riffs here.

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    Default Re: Just screwing around at rehearsal jam.......

    Cool stuff bro!
    I play with a close knit circle of guys doing Christian P/W that almost every time we play leads into spontaneous jamming.
    Here are some examples
    Friday night blow out at my old Church tag teaming spontaneous jamming with several Worship leaders and me on guitar
    Opening prayer for the Saturday night group I play with.
    Same group same place different night
    Different group at a Friday night blow out meeting
    Set free again different night
    Doing spontaneous stuff is truly special and I'm glad to hear another player here doing that kind of stuff. It's absolutely a BLAST!!
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    Default Re: Just screwing around at rehearsal jam.......

    cool stuff

    yeah - we mess around with stuff before/after tunes sometimes too

    we do a version of ticket to ride as if it was done by the police in their early days with lotsa open sus chords and reggae beat

    we actually DO a version of moondance in our set that is as if joe jackson covered it on the look sharp album
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