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Thread: Pickup change for PRS standard 24

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    Default Pickup change for PRS standard 24

    Hey guys I want to change the pickups in my Standard 24 not because I'm unhappy with the sound, but just cause I want something new. Some details:

    Guitar: PRS Standard 24 (mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard). The bridge is a Trem.

    Amps: Engl Powerball, Mesa Dual rec (usually boosted with a TS808), various modelers

    Style of music: Death metal/thrash/melodeath/black metal/prog/shred

    Usage: I want this guitar for the live playing, and for recording leads.

    Bridge Pup needs to allow for very fast, tight rhythm playing, but I really want something that will give a singing, warm lead tone that cuts through the mix and can really scream if i attack the strings. I don't want something as one dimensional as my LP with EMGs which I only use for recordings. Also I don't want something too close to my other PRS w/ HFS that sounds great but the leads don't quite sing and cut through like I want them too. For example I really like the lead tones Mike Amott of Arch Enemy, or the ones Alexi in Sinergy, or Petrucci on his solo album. Doesn't need to be insanely high output, though a high output pickup is desired. (solo at 2:21)

    Right now I'm considering the JB, the Custom, and the Distortion but haven't heard any in person.

    Neck Pup needs to be very good for cleans, and not break up too easily. It'd be nice to have a pickup that will give me a bit of grit if I really dig in but I we have lots of breaks in our songs with arpeggiated clean sections and soft, smooth clean lead playing so i don't want something that gets too gritty or breaks up to easily.

    Right now I'm considering the Jazz, or the Alnico II Pro.

    What would you guys recommend for me? I don't have the ability to buy a lot of different Pups and try them out so I want to make as good a decision as I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!
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    Default Re: Pickup change for PRS standard 24

    I'm going to do a blueman335 and suggest that you keep the existing pickups and just try magnet swaps.

    The PRS HFS is ceramic. Try A8.

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