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Thread: SD or Knockoff??

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    Wink SD or Knockoff??

    Just wanted to thank all who looked in on me and posted comments.
    I am convinced that what I have is not SD but the original pup that was in the axe.
    SD APS1 RW/RP are 6.4k with cloth insulators.
    What I have is 5.5k with plastic insulators.
    The pups that I have in the Gibson Melodymaker are Dimarzio Fat Strats Pre B.
    They are 14.3k. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, my plan is to go with them.
    Would like to have old Gibsons back, but that isn't happening.
    Chalk one up to experience.
    Tks all.

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    Default Re: SD or Knockoff??

    Sometimes it's hard to tell what is what. So many pickups have nearly identical materials and construction, and there are more versions than you can count. The SD SSL-3 that I just traded away had plastic insulators instead of the cloth wire the "vintage" strat pickups seem to have.

    Being able to help people is the great thing about this place. If we can't help, we can at least make fun of you in a good natured way. Hope you stick around and get to know everyone better.
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