I got my dream tele project from warmoth started and I'd really appreciate some input from you guys as far as my wood combo choice and a pickup choice. I know this is the place to ask these tonolicious questions. Now I know all this stuff is subjective but there are some proven combos out there.

I'm really set on: all maple reverse tele neck with a 10-16" radius, 1 11/16 width at nut, wizard profile, 25 1/2 scale
All mohagony body with a countored heel and belly cut, true P-90 in the neck and a humbucker in the bridge with a triple shot ring. Top rout for a traditional tele look with a pickguard, custom paint job... I want a PRS non locking tremolo bridge (my guitar tech told me it should be ok even though those were made for a 25" scale). I really want a tremolo but I cannot stand FR and other locking mechanisams. I have a Trem King in my PRS SE custom and it is amazing )

I want to use this guitar for a dropped C tuning/ southern metal type of vibe. Think Down, COC and I want TONE!! LP fatness and bottom end but with a cutting tone thats nice clean as well. I play clean, low and high gain, chorded stuff and chug, fast solo type of music. Playing through Bugera 333XL and Bugera V55h, Marshall and Randall cabs.
So what do you guys think? What pickups would suit my needs to complement the wood selection and the music I want to play? I got a Duncan Distortion trembucker already but I'm really itching to try a SH-5 custom. How 'bout P-90 in the neck that would match? I dont want it too hot in the neck.
Sorry for the novel, I'd really appreciate some advice Thanks.